Bushnell Tour V4 Review – Is It Worth The Money?

Bushnell Tour V4 Review – Is It Worth The Money?

Updated 2020

The Bushnell Tour V4 is one of Bushnell’s best offerings and really put them on the map as the industry standard. Bushnell has become a powerhouse brand in the golf laser rangefinder market and their Bushnell Tour V4 is one of their best offerings. Here’s my full Bushnell Tour V4 Review.

Many golfers are now starting to consider adding a golf rangefinder device to their bag. They vary from rangefinders, handheld GPS devices, GPS apps and of course the growing in popularity golf GPS watches.

Before we give you our full review, lets see what Bushnell says about it’ Tour V4 rangefinder:

“The Bushnell Tour V4 is the perfect combination of size, speed, accuracy and JOLT “

The Rangefinders market has a lot of new brands releasing rangefinders in all shapes, sizes and colours with each brand trying to better each other on the newest features year after year. I reviewed a lot of them HERE.

Bushnell are no different. The Tour V4 JOLT comes with a list of impressive features that will appeal to many.

When I originally wrote this post back in 2017 and wrote my Bushnell Tour V4 Review, it was Bushnell’s flagship and most expensive model.

However, since then Bushnell has brought out more impressive and expensive models. But that’s good news for us golfers who don’t want to spend $500 on a rangefinder. Why so?

Well since Bushnell released their newer models, they have dropped the price dramatically on the V4.

You can find the updated price on Amazon HERE (Amazon Affiliate Link).


  • PinSeeker with JOLT technology
  • 1 yard accuracy
  • 400+ yards to a flag ranges
  • 5x Magnification
  • Water resistant
  • 2 Year warranty

Bushnell Tour V4 Review

Anyone who used a Bushnell before will immediately notice the size difference and design improvements of the Tour V4 JOLT.

Bushnell says that it’s 30% smaller than the Tour V3 model. The new ergonomic design fits golfers hands extremely well.

It has a nice grip that cups your hand and a small notch at the bottom to rest your thumb.

Does The Bushnell V4 Have JOLT?

You might be wondering at this stage what does JOLT actually do? It’s actually pretty cool; probably the most standout feature the Tour V4 model offers.

When looking through the scope getting the yardage the pin, with some models it can be difficult when there’s trees and banks behind the green.

Sometimes you need to double even triple check just to be certain the yardage is correct (usually when your playing well). T

The Tour V4 Pin Seeker and JOLT Technology gives you a little vibration when it acquires the flag stick ‘JOLT’.

Bushnell Tour V4 review

The JOLT technology paired with an excellent 5x magnification scope gives golfers a crystal clear image of the flag stick and be confident on their yardage first try each time.

You can simply refocus the scope using the magnification slider on the side of the scope using your index finger. This again really compliments the ergonomic design of the Bushnell Tour V4.

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Can the Bushnell Tour V4 be Used In Meters & Yards?

The Tour V4 (Amazon Affiliate Link) can produce measurements in both yards and meters.

It’s very easy to move for the Bushnell V4 to change between yards and meters.

Simply hold down the power button until you feel a slight vibration. When trying to switch modes, players will need to hold down the power button until feeling vibrations.

High Quality Feel

You really feel the quality in the Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT as soon as you have it in your hands; it really has that cool high tech feel to it.

Bushnell Tour V4 review

The carry case is strong and durable and comes in a eye catching silver design with bright red zip. The carry case can be clipped to your bag for quick access. A really nice design feature is the clip for the carry case, rather than unzipping every time, these a little loop strap that you can open and close to access your device.

You can find the updated price on Amazon HERE.

Problems With The V4

As great as the Tour V4 JOLT is picking up yardages, for longer range yardages over 220+ yards you need to have a steady hand.

If you have shaky hands, sometimes it can be hard to lock onto the flag. But this like I said is for 220+ yardages. Not a huge concern for many golfers I would feel.

This may not affect some people but from a person who does get shaky hands from time to time, it was more difficult to get the longer yardages.

On the original Tour V4 there’s no Slope reading either. Now this might not affect a lot of people who play the same course a lot but some people do like the slope feature.

Does The Bushnell Tour V4 Have Slope?

The Bushnell Tour V4 does not have Slope. If you want a Bushnell Rangefinder With Slope, you need to try the Tour V4 Shift or Bushnell Pro XE Models (Amazon Affiliate Link).

The Tour V4 Shift is a little more expensive, but it really is a brilliant device. I would also look at the Precision NX7 Pro. The NX7 is a lower price and has so many premium features and excellent reviews. I compared the two of them HERE.

It’s worth pointing out also in case you didn’t know but using the Slope feature during tournament play is illegal anyway so it’s not really essential anyway. I have more info on rangefinder rules HERE.

Please note that some of the links on thegolfinglad.com are affiliate links.  I will earn a small commission if you decide to make a purchase from one of the websites I recommend. 

Is The Bushnell Tour V4 Waterproof?

The Tour V4 is water resistant. It can get wet. For example if it rains or gets damp in the golf bag. But I wouldn’t be dropping this in a lake for example.

If you want a waterproof rangefinder, you will need to try the Bushnell Pro XE (Amazon Affiliate Link). The XE is 100% waterproof, but the V4 is only water resistant.

Is the Bushnell V4 Worth the Money?

Bushnell Tour V4 review

This answer depends entirely on the type of golfer you are.

Yes, it is worth the money. It’s an excellent piece of technology and the design is one of the most eye catching on the market. It picks up the yardages quickly to 1 yard accuracy.

If you play a lot of golf and are serious about your yardages, it’s an excellent device to improve your game, lower your scores and your handicap. You will quickly know all your club distances and take out all the guess work.

If you are serious about your game, an investment in the Bushnell Tour V4 Jolt (Amazon Affiliate Link) is a worthwhile investment that you can get a couple of years use from it. You also have the added comfort of a 2 year warranty.

No, it’s not worth the money if you do not play enough golf. It’s an expensive device and one of the most expensive laser rangefinders on the market right now. Bushnell is a premium brand and comes at a cost. You are paying for the brand but more importantly you are paying for the quality and technology. If you plan to invest in a the Bushnell Tour V4 you need to be serious about your game or have money to burn.

Alternative Options To The Tour V4?

I would also consider the Precision NX7 Pro. It’s an amazing rangefinder that has taken the market by storm. They are on a mission to provide golfers with high performing rangefinders for affordable prices.

For a more extensive guide on laser rangefinders – Check out or review of the BEST GOLF LASER RANGEFINDERS HERE!

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