Best Golf Balls For High Handicappers – Which One Works For You?

Best Golf Balls For High Handicappers – Which One Works For You?

If you are looking to find the best golf balls for high handicappers, I am here to help. Who is considered a high handicap golfer? That all really depends as many people of different ideas on what’s low, mid, high handicappers.

It also depends on the courses. If the slope/scratch of the course is easier, well a 10 handicapper at that course may struggle in more difficult courses and not be able to play as low.

We’ll say for the sake of this article, anyone who’s 18 or above is a high handicapper, or bogey golfers. So, what golf ball should I use if I’m a high handicap golfer?

There’s a number of things to consider to find the right golf ball for you. To find the perfect fit you need to consider, Budget, performance, type of golf you play and of course the number of balls you lose.


Best Golf Balls For High Handicappers

If you walk into your local golf store or look online; you will be presented with lots of golf balls for high handicap golfers. All the major brands cater for various budgets and types of golfers such as Titleist, Callaway, Taylormade, Srixon, etc.

Budget is important to consider. The cost of golf balls can vary drastically with the higher end golf balls over the $50 per dozen scale. Think about that for a second. That’s $4.16 per golf ball.

Crazy right? So, for a minute right now, do you know how many golf balls you lost over the course of your last 3 rounds. If you are more than 6, you need to forget the brand new premium ball.

Unless you have the money to waste. It will burn a hole in your pocket. The additional money would be better spend on some golf lessons or coaching aid.

But, if you really want to play with high end balls, there is an alternative. You can pick up some lake or refurbished balls relatively cheap. Depending where you look maybe $2 a ball. Not too bad compared to the $4.16 ball.

I would try and avoid the refurbished balls and opt for lake balls. The refurb balls tear and wear very quickly and a merely practice balls after one round.

You can find some lake balls online HERE

Type Of Golfer & Playing Style

Best Golf balls for high handicap golfers

We all want to hit it long, straight and soft into the green with plenty of spin, right? That’s the dream. But for most of us high handicappers it’s not always the case.

To find the best golf balls for high handicappers we need to consider a few things about your playing style.

  • Strenghts
  • Weaknesses
  • Key thing to improve

Most golfers will have one aspect of their game they are better at compared to others. For example driving, iron play, short game and putting. But picking the right golf ball can help you improve both the good and bad parts of your game.


If you are a short hitter, which many high handicappers tend to be, a ‘hard’ golf ball might be the best option for you. A hard golf ball is great for getting more distance off the tee and more roll when it lands. This all help to get you more distance.

Distance golf balls are specially designed to lower spin and maximise distance. The lower spin helps with longer distances off the tee and more roll out for more yardage. Every yard helps, especially if you tend to struggle with distance.


There’s a number of other details we can go into but I am going to keep it simple with Distance & Feel. One of the core areas where higher handicap golfers tend the lack is inside 100 yards and around the greens.

If you feel that this one of the weakest parts of your game, you will need to find a ball that’s a little softer that allows for more spin and control. There’s plenty golf balls for high handicap golfers that wont break the bank (mentioned below).

In fact if I’m honest, most mid range golf balls are designed to cater for this very aspect. A golf ball that offers good distance off the tee and of course feel and control around the greens.

Best Golf Balls For High Handicappers

Best Golf Balls For Distance

  1. Srixon Distance
  2. Titleist Velocity
  3. Wilson Fli

The Srixon Distance is the perfect ball if you strive for every yard. It’s 2-piece construction offers maximum distance off the tee with low spin, high launch for a high flight and roll out. The Srixon Distance is one of the lowest prices golf balls on the market from a well known brand like Srixon. A brilliant golf ball to use in winter also. If you play on a soft course, this one is well worth considering

Best For Spin & Control

  1. Titleist Tour Soft
  2. Srixon AD333
  3. Titleist DT TruSoft

The Titleist Tour Soft golf ball is designed with a premium 4 core construction that offers explosive distance off the tee with a brilliant soft feel around the green. The 342 dimple design delivers penetrating ball flight that just pierces through the air.

A truly fantastic golf ball that is one of the best golf balls for high handicappers golfers. It offers great performance, looks good and is budget friendly. This makes it all the better if you tend to lose a few golf balls. A budget friendly golf ball that rivals the performance of the premium balls.

Best All Round Golf Ball For High Handicap Golfers

This one was really tough to be honest. You will need to try and play with a few brands to find the best one for you that feels right and fits your game. It’s all about preference really.

Picking the best all round golf ball for high handicaps was a toss up between two brilliant golf balls. The Srixon Ad333 and theTitleist Tour Soft.

Titleist is always a very popular golf ball as the name speaks quality and excellence. But do you know what? I love an underdog and always route for the little guy, which in this case is the Srixon AD333.

Best Overall Winner Srixon AD333

Best Golf Balls For High Handicappers

Srixon is a well known brand but wouldn’t have be of the same calibre reputation that Titleist has.

The Srixon AD333 is one of the best all round golf balls out there and one of the best golf balls for high handicap golfers.

It’s long off the tee, has a piercing trajectory with the irons and offers great control around the greens. Remember I said you need to find a ball that just feels right for you? This ball just feels amazing off the putter face. It gives me that extra confidence standing over the ball and feel I get a much smoother roll.

The Srixon Ad333 look great and they are considered a low to mid ranged priced ball. The AD333 offers plenty bang for it’s buck and it should not disappoint.

If you like playing winter golf the AD333 will still fit your game. The AD333 is longer off the tee than your ProV1, and as you know winter golf is all about the carry so this one should be perfect for you while still offering some nice control around the greens.

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