Shot Scope V2 Review | All In One GPS Watch & Shot Tracking Device

Shot Scope V2 Review | All In One GPS Watch & Shot Tracking Device

What can I say? The shot scope v2 really blew me away. This is not just your every day golf GPS watch, it’s so much more. The Scot Scope V2 is both a golf GPS watch and data collection device. If you want to improve your game you need to read my full Shot Scope V2 Review below

Shot Scope V2 Review

Shot Scope V2 Review

The Shot Scope V2 (SP) is one of the most interesting golf GPS watches on the market. It combines high end GPS technology with GPS shot tracking.

Ok, so what does that mean?

I presume you have seen a golf GPS watch before, maybe a friend has one, maybe you own one. Golf GPS watches are one of the best things a golfer can buy to improve their game. They provide golfers with yardages to the green, major hazards and pin locations.

But, Shot Scope takes it a little further. They have also incorporated GPS shot tracking technology into their device. There are other shot tracking products out there, but usually they are separate devices.

For example Garmin have a device that can be paired to their GPS watch, but requires you to buy a separate attachment device that connects to your gold club. This works out pretty expensive as Garmin GPS watches are already quiet expensive; well their more premium ones at least

What is GPS Shot Tracking and Why is it Important?

Shot Scope Review

Golf GPS Shot tracking shows you all your golf club data. You can to see your average distances you hit each club, how far you hit them during a round. GPS tracking will also track fairways hit, greens in regulation, putts made, etc.

Is that really important? In my opinion, YES. I think it’s so important.

Let me ask you this.

How far do you hit your 7 Iron? Think about it. 170? Maybe 180 yards? Think about your answer. Are you 100% sure or are you estimating. You might be thinking Ok I hit the 7 iron last week on the 7th into the green from 170 and I think I was pin high.

That’s not really knowing, is it?. If you want to be a be a better golfer, you need to know your yardages for every club. Especially your scoring irons. These are anything from your 8 iron to 60 deg wedge.

GPS shot tracking has become very popular in the last couple years. The idea was great, but the delivery was poor. A lot of of the older products were kind of flimsy and inaccurate, missing shots etc. But now there’s some really great performing products on the market.

How Does the Shot Scope V2 Work?

Ok, first things first. When you get your device. You will need to go online and set up your free account. After that you will need to go head and download the smartphone App for your phone or android phone. It’s safe to assume 99% of you have some form of smartphone at this stage.

Simply pair the watch to your smartphone and it will automatically pick up the golf courses in your area. When you arrive at the golf course, it should pick it up automatically.

Yardage Info

Shot Scope V2 Review

The Shot Scope shows you yardages to the front middle and back of the green. The watch is smart enough to know your angle of approach into the green so it’s quiet clever and extremely accurate.

You can also see the distances to major hazards from your location. It easy to navigate to get this info. It’s one of the biggest issues with some GPS watches, is you need to press 15 buttons to get the yardage to a fairway bunker.

This is not the case with the V2 Scope (SP). Press the top left button and you got your yardages. But one thing I really liked was the distance to the front and back of the hazard. Most watches give you the hazard info, but not the distance to carry it. Which lets be honest is just as important.

The display is nice, simple, and easy to use. You can use it as a standalone golf GPS watch if you wanted and not use the shot tracking feature. Maybe if you are only playing a couple holes.

Overall it’s a very good golf GPS watch and well priced when you consider that this includes shot tracking features also.

GPS Tracking

The Shot Scope V2 is for the more dedicated golfer. The golfer who really wants to improve their whole game. You will receive little tracking devices (see image to the left) that you will screw into the top of each of your golf club, including your putter. They screw into the top of the grip in the tee slot that nobody ever uses.

Each tracker is individually marked. For example 7i for your 7iron and so on; so there’s no need to go off pairing each club to each tracker as you see with other units like the Arcoss 360. Which is kind of annoying to be honest, and of course time consuming.

Once you have these set up, it’s so easy to use on the course. Just swing away and the Shot Scope v2 will start tracking each shot for you, even putts.

The only thing you need to do is press a button to let the watch know where you are on the green. This is to track putting stats. It’s also important to track your approach shots with your wedges.

The yardage info for your wedges is probably the most important yardage info you need. Letting it know the pin location shows your accuracy later when you review your data post round.

Post Round Analysis

Shot Scope V2 Review

This is why I love this device. I think it’s the best shot tracking device on the market. I have become a big fan of post round analysis. After a game of golf with your buddies, you can come home, grab a cup of coffee and look at all the stats from todays game.

What Info Do You Get With The Shot Scope V2? 

You get all the key info you need. What I like is how it compares it to your season average also.

  • Score for the round – Par 3, Par 4 & Par 5 Scores also
  • Fairways in regulation
  • Greens In regulation
  • Up & Downs
  • Average Putts per hole

From here you can do in depth analysis of your game. It uses the “Strokes Gained” type of data collection that you see all over the PGA tour right now. It’s all the hype and the best way to analyse data. However, you don’t need to worry so much about that. The data is easy to follow

Why Do I Need A GPS Shot Tracker?

Shot Scope V2 Golf Watch Review

Ok, so we have collected all this amazing data. What do I do with it? Do you know the strongest and weakest parts of your game? What do you need to do to lower your handicap and be a better golfer.

Know Your Weaknesses

Where the Scope V2 shines is its presentation of the data. It clearly shows you crucial info that will help you pin point the weaknesses in your game.

For example. my driving is by far my biggest weakness. I kind of already knew it, but the Shot Scope V2 clearly told me.

Ok I missed more fairways than I’d like, but what was really interesting was where I missed them. I missed most of fairways to the right. I play with a high draw usually (I play left handed btw).

This data showed me that I either need to straighten my draw or allow for more yardage to the right to allow for my draw. So I started aiming down the left edge of the fairway rather down the down the middle. Before I know my driving stats started to improve.

Club Yardages

This one was a huge wake up call to me. I was fairly confident of my yardages before I got the scope V2. In reality I was not. I was especially off in my scoring irons like my 8 & 9 irons. I was off by 10 yards in fact, that’s a lot when you think about it. That’s the coming up short or going long over the green.

Shot Scope V2 Review – What I Liked

The GPS watch itself is really good. It’s extremely accurate, with a simple black and white display. Nowadays a lot of watches are moving to color, but the black and white kind of suites this one.

The GPS shot tracking is amazing. It’s so easy to set up compared to other shot trackers like the Arccos Golf 360. It performs just as well and it’s easier to set up. It costs around the same as the Shot Scope v2 except you don’t get an amazing GPS watch as well. No brainer to me.

The price for me is a major plus. If you look at some of the other golf GPS watches out there you are paying $250 + at least for a decent golf GPS watch.

Things I Didn’t Like

The battery life is fairly poor. You will struggle to get two rounds out of this watch in full GPS & Shot tracking modes. Not a major deal breaker, but annoying if you rock up to your club on a Saturday morning and completely forgot to charge your watch the night before.

It looks chunky. GPS watches now are starting to look really sleek and stylish with adjustable straps etc.

Although it doesn’t feel big on my wrist, even though it looks it. It looks kind of like a 90’s style watch. It’s probably what I hate most about it.

Other golf GPS watches out there now like the Garmin Approach S60 look amazing and can be used as everyday smartwatches. But you are paying top dollar for these.

Shot Scope v2 Review – Is It Worth The Money?

Yes – without a doubt the Shot Scope v2 is worth the money (Check Price Here). You are getting a brilliant golf GPS watch and shot tracking all rolled into one device for an amazing price when you compare the others in the market.

It performs well and the post round analysis data is brilliant to look over your golf round when you get home. Just a heads up, on those bad days, the data can be pretty hard to look at.

The data the Shot Scope V2 provides will help you become a better golfer. It will clearly pin point where your game is lacking. From there you can improve those weaknesses with some practice or maybe golf lessons.

4/5 Stars from me. I’m docking the 1 Star because of the bad battery and chunky look.

Check The Price & More Shot Scope V2 Reviews HERE

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