Best Budget Golf Rangefinders | 5 Options Worth Considering

Best Budget Golf Rangefinders | 5 Options Worth Considering

Ok, you wan’t a rangefinder, but don’t want to break the bank. You might be surprised to hear that you actually have a lot more amazing options than you think. I have put together what I think are the best budget golf rangefinders to buy.

What classes as a budget rangefinder? Well it can depend. I did a post a few weeks ago for the best rangefinders under $200. To be be honest a lot of them will feature in this list.

But what I will try and do is class budget as under $250? How does that sound. They will vary from $110 to $250.

The reason I want to push out to $250 is that number is still half the price of the premium models like the Bushnell Models

But a $250 budget also allows me to fit in some ‘budget’ rangefinders when you consider the price if the rangefinder with the features it has.

I have said many times that owning a golf rangefinder can be the best thing any golfer can buy regardless of skill level.

Below is what I feel are the best budget golf rangefinders you can buy right now.

  • Precision Pro Nexus
  • Callaway Pro 300
  • TecTecTec VPro 500S
  • Precision Pro NX7 Pro Slope (My Personal Favourite)
  • WOSPORTS H-100AG (Cheapest)

Best Budget Golf Rangefinders

Best Budget Golf Rangefinders

I have compiled a list of what I feel are the best cheap golf rangefinders but also considered other things other than price. Along with the price I took into account the features they provide, performance and more.

I have limited to 5 options that I feel could be a good fit for you.

Precision Pro Golf Nexus

Best Cheap Golf Rangefinders

The Precision Pro Golf Nexus Rangefinder is one of the best cheap golf laser rangefinders available to buy.

It’s so easy to use. Just a point and click and you have your yardage. Precision Golf hit the ground running when they set up their company to create affordable rangefinders that perform well.


The Precision Nexus has a really cool. Precision’s trademark lime green style in evident in this rangefinder. The nice ergonomic design fits nicely in your hand with built in grips for added control.


The Precision Nexus (Amazon Affiliate Link) is extremely easy to use and performs really well for a so called ‘budget rangefinder for golf’.

The Nexus uses Precision’s Target Acquisition Technology (TAG) that scans objects in your field of vision. What this does is focus on your target and ensures it uses the first target acquired – for example the flag stick and not the trees behind it.

With a 400 yardage range, every flag you have a chance of reaching will be within reach.

You can set it the Nexus to both yards and meters to suit either preference. If that’s not enough it also has the 1/10 of a yard capabilities for deadly accurate readings.

One thing I must mention is how quick it picks up the flag stick. A brilliant rangefinder and a worthy addition to my best budget golf rangefinders list.


Best Budget Laser Rangefinders

The Nexus recently dropped in price by about $50. It was selling for a long time around $199.99, which is still a very fair price I think.

But with increased competition and new models becoming available, I think they decided to drop the price a little.

The Precision Pro Nexus (Amazon Affiliate Link) is Precision’s entry level model and budget friendly model. The rangefinder performs so well, and without a doubt one of the best cheap rangefinders on the market.

However, you might want to read on as there’s another Precision model that made this cheap rangefinder review list also that is worth considering, especially when you take into account the features it has.


  • Cool bright design
  • Works great if you tend to have shaky hands
  • Can be used up to 400 yards
  • 1/10 yardage accuracy
  • Very Cheap


  • Bright loud design might not appeal to some users
  • No Slope Feature
  • No Flag lock vibration

Callaway Pro 300

Best Budget Golf Rangefinders

Callaway are one of the most well known club manufacturers around and continue to innovative and bring amazing new clubs to the market.

But you wouldn’t put them as a rangefinder, especially as one of the best budget golf rangefinders makers.


cheap golf rangefinders

The Callaway 300 (Amazon Affiliate Link). gives you a +/- 1 yard accuracy up to 1000 yards with 6x scope magnification.

You can scan the landscape and acquire multiple yardages to multiple targets like trees, hazards, bunkers, etc.

The 300 has what Callaway call P.A.T which stands for Pin Acquisition Technology that can lock into a pin from 300 yards away.

The Callaway 300 Pro (Amazon Affiliate Link) performs extremely well considering the price.

When you get locked onto the pin you get chirp sound like a bird. This let’s you know you are locked onto the pin.

It seems like Callaway’s answer to the JOLT (Bushnell) Pulse (Precision Golf) that gives off a little vibration to show you are locked onto the target.

Callaway call this their ‘Birdie’ feature. I’m not a huge fan of it to be honest and I’d rather the vibration notification you get on the Precision NX7 Pro or Bushnell V4.


Best Budget Golf Rangefinders

When you are looking for one of the best cheap golf rangefinders you’d think that having slope wouldn’t even be an option. Well a few years ago, I would’ve thought it wasn’t really possible.

But with so much more competition out there, rangefinders seem to be getting cheaper and better. Good news for us right.

The Callaway 300 Pro does have a slope function and it works very well. It can be turned on/off to make it legal for tournament play also.

The Callaway 300 Pro (Amazon Affiliate Link) will measure the slope elevation and display it alongside the pin through the scope (see image above). The new ‘plays like’ yardage is then automatically calculated and displayed for you.


I was extremely surprised at the reasonable price of the Callaway 300 (Check on Amazon Here). Especially when Callaway is well known to be a premium golf manufacturer that seem to get more and more expensive every year.

The callaway 300 is very nicely priced and just makes my best golf rangefinders under 200 by a nose, coming in at $199.99 (On Amazon HERE).

However, for some reason, why I don’t know, but in the UK the Callaway 300 Pro is much more expensive and costs around£320.

Why is it so much cheaper in the US? I think it must be due to the release of the Callaway Tour S (Amazon Aff Link).

Good news for anyone who is living in the US or can buy from Amazon US, you are getting one of the best budget golf rangefinders you can buy with the Callaway Pro 300, and cheaper than everyone else.


  • Accurate yardages
  • Pin acquisition technology
  • 6x magnification
  • Rain & Fog Proof
  • Slope Feature
  • Nicely Priced


  • Not a fan of the chirp noise when you lock onto the flag
  • Sometimes it can take awhile to lock onto a flag

*Buy The Callaway 300 Pro On Amazon HERE*

TecTecTec VPro 500S

Best cheap Golf Rangefinders

No surprise here that the TecTecTec VPro 500S (Amazon SP Link) made my best budget golf rangefinders reviews list. It succeeds the TecTecTec VPro 500 which I was always a huge fan of.

You can call me out on this but I think TecTecTec were one of the first companies out there that took on the big brands by offering a high quality rangefinder but at budget prices, and succeeded with the VPro 500.

TecTecTec isn’t one of the these cheap import brands that comes in with a ridiculously low priced rangefinder and disappears the following year.

They are here to stay and have been delivering amazing rangefinders for years now. They keep it simple, with limited options, and I love that. Similar to the guys at Precision Pro Golf.


Best Golf Rangefinders For The Money

The TecTecTec Vpro 500S (Check Price On Amazon) performs amazing when you consider it’s price and having the added slope feature. It’s very quick and offers accurate readings.

In 2019, TecTecTec upgraded their rangefinders performance. It now has yardage range up to 540 yards and advanced pin sensor technology.

The new pin seeker technology has faster and more accurate reading overlapping subjects like hazards and trees and locating the flag stick.

With the VPro 500S you get 1 yard accuracy yardages with the option for yards/meters.

VPro 500S Slope Feature

Best Budget Golf Rangefinders

The Slope feature on the 500S works really well. Right now it’s an extra $20 for the VPro 500S (SP) compared to the standard VPro 500 (Review Post).

In my opinion it’s well worth the added investment I think for the slope version. Well it depends on the type of player you are.

If you are a decent golfer and somewhat consistent with your yardages, then the slope version would be the better one to buy I think. And this rangefinder is legal to use. You have the option to turn the slope on/off.

TecTecTec have been credited with their amazing customer service. With that and a 2 year warranty, you can really buy this rangefinder with some peace of mind with a long warranty behind you.


  • Returns the yardage almost instantaneously
  • Very easy to use.
  • Excellent clarity and clear 6x magnification
  • Cool carry case with a belt loop
  • Excellent customer support
  • Very reasonable price for the quality of product


  • Can be more difficult to get a flag reading if there are trees or large sloops behind the flag
  • Not 100% Waterproof

*Check The Price On Amazon HERE*

Precision NX7 Pro Slope


I had to put this in my best budget golf rangefinders list for a few reasons. Number 1 is the NX7 Pro is priced as cheap rangefinder right now considering how well it performs. Reason number 2 is because it’s my favourite rangefinder out there.

The NX7 Pro (Amazon SP) is not only one of the best rangefinders for money, but is one of the best rangefinders for golf period.

When Precision Golf was set up, they wanted to create more affordable rangefinders that also performed well.

Basically they wanted to create a rangefinder that performed like a Bushnell but didn’t cost the same as one



The design is very different and probably my favourite thing about. The luminous green is somewhat like a trademark now for Precision and it’s the first thing I think about when I see that kind of colour on the golf course. It works so well with the black color.

The scaled like design where the NX7 has it’s built in grips is really cool. The grips give you that added bit of control especially on wet days. It’s also water resistant.

There’s a great carry case that comes with the NX7 Pro Slope that can be clipped to your golf bag. It has hoop lock that can be easily hooked open/closed for quick access rather than opening/closing the zip each time.


The NX7 Pro Slope (Amazon Link) was Precision’s premium model at the time to rival the Bushnell V4 Shift and Pro X2.

It boasted all the same features at half the cost. This is largely why I would class this as one of the best cheap laser rangefinders. Or more like a bargain rangefinder.

The Precision NX7 Pro Slope performs so well. It has quick and clear readings with a 400 yard range and 1/10 yard accuracy.

What I love about the NX7 Pro Slope (Amazon Link) is how it’s great for golfers with shaky hands. The rangefinder is easy to lock onto the flag stick with 6x scope magnification to reach long range targets.

The scope seems to say stay very balanced, which is perfect for any golfer who tends to get shaky hands especially on the long range one.

The NX7 Pro Slope gives off that Pulse vibration to let you know you are locked onto target. I love this feature and prefer it to the “Birdie” notification that the Callaway 300 (Link) has.

The Pulse was Precision’s answer to their ‘JOLT’ (Example: Bushnell Tour V4).



Slope is one of the most sought after features in a laser rangefinders, but for a long time it was not available really for cheap laser rangefinders.

The Nx7 Pro has an amazing slope feature. It displays both the actual yardage and the ‘Plays Like’ yardage adapting for the increase or decrease in elevation.

The slope feature can be quickly enable/disabled which makes this rangefinder legal for tournament play. If you are unsure about legalities of slope, I have a full article on it HERE.


The Precision NX7 Pro Slope right now costs $249 (Check price on Amazon). Now some of you might be thinking that’s not a budget rangefinder. But it really is when you think of the what you are getting – Cool design, fast readings, adaptive slope, pin lock vibrate, etc.

Remember the NX7 Pro Slope was designed to rival the top premium rangefinders but was half the price, and it still is.

Many golfers are comparing the Precision Nx7 to the Bushnell Pro X2 and it’s literally more than half the price.

Even though this is a ‘best budget golf rangefinders’ type post, I did think it was worth mentioning when you look at most of the premium Bushnell rangefinders now pushing over $500 – which I think is crazy by the way.

For $249, I think the Precision NX7 Pro Slope is a bargain. I would also check out some Amazon Reviews (HERE) to see what other golfers have to say about their purchases.


  • Excellent value for money
  • 6x magnification
  • Adaptive Slope
  • Pulse Vibration Technology
  • Great for golfers with shaky hands
  • 2 year warranty
  • Free lifetime battery replacements


  • Design might not suit some people

Disclaimer: The Golfing Lad is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon



The WOSPORTS H-100AG (SP) Laser Rangefinder is an interesting one. I’m not sure will it be here next year and still be available.

I mentioned earlier about these sort of import flash in the pan type of companies that will release a load of products and then disappear or rebrand after a few years.

But either way the WOSPORTS H-100AG Laser Rangefinder seems to be sticking around and getting rave reviews for one of the cheapest rangefinders you can buy .

*See What Golfers Are saying HERE*


The WOSPORTS H-100AG Laser Rangefinder is really cheap but it’s ridiculously cheap when you consider the features it has.

For a $109.99 you are getting a long list of features, that you see on some of the premium rangefinders – long yardage ranges, slope, vibration etc.

Priced at $109.99 (Check HERE), I didn’t think it would be any good to be honest. Over the years there’s been some unknown brands attempt this but most of them are poorly made imported junk. Not this one. This is brilliant.



The expectation here was a cheap rangefinder that does an ok job but might lack a little quality build or performance. But this wasn’t the case to my surprise.

The WOSPORTS H-100AG Laser Rangefinder is quiet quick at picking up the flagstick and offers a yardage range up to 650 yards with 6x magnification. You can swap the yardage between meters and yards also.

WOSPORTS’ advanced flag acquisition technology filters out background objects like trees, bushes, bunkers and mounts. This allows it to distinguish between trees and mounds and make sure it finds the flagstick.

Like many of the Bushnell models and the NX7 Pro, this offers a vibration when locked onto the pin. Again this is another feature that you see on the premium models.

However, the vibration pin seeker only works up to 180 yards which is a bit of a pity but not a deal breaker. Remember this is a budget rangefinder, not a $500 rangefinder.


best rangefinder under 200 worth buying

The Slope feature works quiet well and it can be turned off by using Mode 2 or ‘M2’. Using the Slope mode you will see the actual yardage and the adjusted plays like yardage.

Thankfully since you can turn it on and off it makes this rangefinder legal for tournament play.

Wosports Guarantee

Now before I would be reading all of this great stuff about the WOSPORTS H-100AG but in the back of your head you might be thinking that since it’s so cheap there’s probably a short warranty period.

You might be thinking it might have all these features, works away for a few months and then it’s broke or something fails in it.

But Wosports (Amazon Link) offers an 18 month warranty and customer service with every rangefinder sold.

This shows that they stand behind the product and are confident it will last you a long time.

Even though it’s very reasonably priced, you can still be happy to know should it ever become faulty, you have a lengthy warranty period to fall back on.


  • The lowest priced rangefinder on this list with
  • Plenty of premium features
  • Pin Lock Vibration
  • Scan Mode
  • Slope
  • Water resistant
  • 18 month warranty


  • Very boring bland style
  • Pin Lock only works inside 180 yards

*See What Other Golfers Have To Say About It HERE*

Best Cheap Golf Rangefinders

I hope this post was of help to you to finding a good budget rangefinder. These are the best cheap golf rangefinders that are worth considering in my opinion.

I actually hate to say that word ‘Cheap’. It reminds me of junk or low quality. These are cheap; but definitely not junk.

These are the best budget rangefinders for golf you can buy right now. Don’t assume the quality of the rangefinder as soon as you see the price tag.

Disclaimer: The Golfing Lad is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon

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