Precision NX7 Pro vs Bushnell Pro X2

Precision NX7 Pro vs Bushnell Pro X2

OK so you are thinking of getting a laser rangefinder. If you are reading this, you are probably down to 2. The Precision Pro NX7 vs Bushnell Pro X2, which one is better and which would I choose.

I compare each one for appearance, performance, key features and of course price. But which one would I chose? Find out below.

Head To Head Comparison

Bushnell Pro X2
Precision NX7 Slope
450 Yards400 Yards
+/- 0.5 Yards+/- 1 Yard
2 Years2 Years
Carry Case
Vibration Flag Lock
Replacement Battery
Price$529.00 (Amazon)$245.00 (Amazon)
Competition Legal YESYES

Precision NX7 Pro Vs Bushnell Pro X2


The Precision NX7 Pro Slope is my favorite looking rangefinder looks wise right now. It’s the coolest looking rangefinder available in my opinion. Precision took a chance on a loud green color branding which is common across all their rangefinders and website. Personally I love it. I think it’s really eye catching

The Bushnell Pro X2 is also really nice looking. The gun metal grey style color and the bright red face at the end of the scope is a really appealing contrast. The Pro X2 appearance is not as loud or out there as the NX7 Pro.

Precision NX7 Pro vs Bushnell Pro X2

So which is looks better the Precision NX7 Pro Slope Vs Bushnell Pro X2? It’s up to your personal preferences really. For me, I like the NX7 because it’s a little different.

Both have very similar carry cases also. Almost identical styles with the loop and clip. The only difference being the color. Again the NX7 has a bright green style, whereas the Bushnell has the ever so popular sliver color with red zips that you see on so many golf bags these days.

Precision NX7 Pro Slope
Bushnell Pro X2

Slope Modes

Like the Bushnell Pro X2, the NX7 Pro has 2 modes, standard mode and slope mode. Although Slope features are not legal in competition play, they are still in high demand. Why? Well you can take note of the slope variations while practicing and use them as references when playing competition.

For example, the 3rd hole Par 3 at your local course has a -10 Deg slope elevation. You can take a mental note of this. Using the NX7, you will see the standard and slope yardages through the scope (once it’s activated of course).

Vibration Technology

OK so far, the Precision NX7 Pro Vs Bushnell Pro X2 match up we have here has been pretty even. It doesn’t change much more here.

Again, both rangefinders offer a pin seeker or locked on vibration feature. Bushnell call this technology JOLT. Precision call it PULSE.

Either way they do they same thing. When you are aiming the rangefinder at the flagstick, it will give off a vibration (Jolt/Pulse) when it’s locked on.


Precision NX7 Pro vs Bushnell Pro X2

OK now we are seeing some differences between the NX7 Pro vs Pro X2. There’s no doubt that the Pro X2 does perform better. It’s lightning quick at getting the yardage. The Bushnell Pro X2 locks onto target quicker than the NX7.

Is it a huge difference? No. But this article is about the Precision NX7 Vs Bushnell Pro X2, so it’s worth mentioning.

The X2 has faster yardage detection, and it’s also slightly more accurate than the NX7. The Bushnell is accurate to 0.5 of a yard, but precision claim their NX7 is accurate to +/- one yard.

Personally I don’t think half a yard a makes much of a difference to amateurs unless you are a scratch or better golfer. But it’s nice to know how accurate it can be.

However, the Pro X2 does give you the options to change the color of the display text to red or black. Why is this useful? Well when you are looking through the scopes sometimes it can be bright into the sun, or maybe dark and cloudy. You can change the text color to make either easier to see in.

 Bushnell Pro X2 vs Precision NX7 Pro

Both rangefinders are accurate to yardages over 400 yards. The Bushnell taking the edge here at 450 yards. Again however I don’t think it’s a major deal breaker between the two.

Precision NX7 Pro Slope
Bushnell Pro X2


Precision NX7 Pro Slope vs Bushnell Pro X2

No we this is where I think the battle of the Precision NX7 Pro Slope Vs Bushnell Pro X2 is won and lost. Price is so important to consider. We all want value for money, so if we are dishing out top dollar, we want the best of the best. Right?

The Bushnell Pro X2 is coming in at $529 on Amazon (At the time of this post). The Precision NX7 Pro Slope costs $229.99 on their website.

Now I don’t know about you, but I think that is jaw dropping. I can buy two NX7 Pro rangefinders and still have $69.02 left over rather than buying the Pro x2.

Now I’m not saying the Bushnell Pro X2 is not amazing, because it is. But is it $299.01 more amazing than the Precision Pro X2. For me, I don’t think so.

The only stand out difference is the speed it at which the Bushnell picks up the yardage, and it’s 0.5 of a yard more accurate; and that’s it really. To me it doesn’t justify the extra money.

With the $299.01 I’d save buying the Precision NX7 Pro, I could put that money put towards a new driver, irons, lessons or even a new Golf GPS watch (Reviews Here).

Both Bushnell & Precision offer a 2 year limited warranty on each of these models also.

Anything Else That Stands Out?

When you buy the NX7 you get the usual stuff like carry case, cleaning cloth, etc. But Precision also provide a replacement battery with each rangefinder. That’s pretty nice of them I think.

Final Verdict

Precision NX7 Pro vs Bushnell Pro X2

Which One Would I Pick? Precision Nx7 Pro or Bushnell Pro X2

If money was no object, I would probably pick the Bushnell Pro x2. Just because it’s every so slightly faster and more accurate.

But this is the real world, where money usually plays a factor for most people. I would genuinely consider buying the Precision NX7 pro.

The money you’d save can be put towards something else. $299 is a lot of saving that’s just hard to ignore. Is half a yard accuracy worth an extra $299? Not to me anyway (7 handicap at the time).

I’d rather use that saving and put towards new clubs, lessons or maybe a golf watch. Of course you don’t need to spend that money on golf related stuff, but I know you are thinking about it. We golfers just love new things.

Precision NX7 Pro Slope
Bushnell Pro X2

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