Bushnell Golf Rangefinders | The Best Ones Worth Buying

Bushnell Golf Rangefinders | The Best Ones Worth Buying

Bushnell Golf Rangefinders have been the industry leader in high-performance Golf Rangefinders over the past decade. Their rangefinders are built of the finest quality and reliability that competitors try and rival.

Bushnell is credited for being extremely innovative. For example pin seeker technology, JOLT vibration, and elevation reading rangefinders are among Bushnell’s successes.

Bushnell continue to innovate and find ways to improve their rangefinder designs and performance.

Read on to find out what I think are the best Bushnell rangefinders currently available.

Bushnell go beyond product offerings. You have to give credit, when credit is due. Bushnell provide excellent customer service.

Lets face it, their rangefinders are not the cheapest. If you are looking for a budget rangefinder, I would read this post HERE.

When purchasing a rangefinder you want it to last and perform as expected. If something is wrong or if you are not happy with your rangefinder, let Bushnell know.

In most cases they will reach out to you and send you out a replacement. You also get that additional comfort of a 2 year warranty to protect your investment.

Bushnell Golf Rangefinders Reviews

These are what I think are the best Bushnell golf rangefinders available to buy right now. I updated this post because a lot of the models mentioned previously are now end of life and no longer available to buy.

  • Pro X2
  • V4 Shift (Cheapest With Slope)
  • Bushnell Hybrid (Combo with Built in GPS)
  • Pro XE (Best Performing)

I go into more detail on each one below in this post.

Bushnell Pro X2 

Bushnell Golf Rangefinders
Credit: Bushnellgolf.com

The Pro X2 (Amazon Affiliate Link) is not only one of the best Bushnell golf rangefinders you can buy but it’s also one of the best period.

The cool grey/black finish with red scope face is really eye catching. The black grips create a comfort hold for golfers that fits nicely in your hands when getting your yardage.

Bushnell has always have done so much research into the design of their rangefinders and how golfers use them.

Like most Bushnell rangefinders, the Bushnell pro X2 comes with the cool rangefinder case. The Bushnell cases are strong, durable, nicely designed with the nice loop lock that so many others like TecTecTec and Precision Pro have copied.


Best Bushnell Golf Rangefinders
Credit: Bushnellgolf.com

The Bushnell Pro X2 is their first big step up from the revolutionary Tour V4 Shift (Amazon SP). The Pro X2 is one of Bushnell’s best golf rangefinders.

The Pro X2 has a lot of similar features to the V4 Shift but does them at bit better.

You get Tour Trusted Slope Technology, Jolt Pin Seeker, 100% Waterproof and dual display options, and 450 yardage range to the flag stick.

You can also view the distances in yards or meters. This is handy if you grew up on a course that’s in meters rather than yards. I know most people will probably use yards, but having the option is important to many golfers.

You can also change the brightness on the scope to make the readings easier to read. This might sound silly but it really is so handy and makes the yardages easier to read when playing in different sunlight.

Slope is the big thing these days; and it’s a great asset to have, when not playing competition of course.

The Pro X2 is USGA-conforming device making it legal for competition play as the Slope feature can be easily switched on/off.


One of the biggest problems with Bushnell Golf Rangefinders often times is the high price. The Pro X2 is still on the very high side and right now and still costs more than $500.

I actually compared did an interesting post comparing the Precision NX7 vs Pro X2 that’s worth checking out.

Although the Pro X2 is one of the most expensive Bushnell Golf Rangefinders, it’s a cracking device that any golfer would love to own if money was no object.

I would also check out some reviews from Amazon (SP LINK) to see what other golfers have to say about it.


  • Slope Readings with the option to turn on and off by flicking a switch
  • Legal for tournament play
  • Red or Black readings make it easier to read yardages in different brightnesses
  • Jolt Technology for fast readings
  • High quality feel
  • 450 yards range to 0.5 yard accuracy
  • 6x Magnification 
  • Waterproof
  • 2 year warranty


  • Expensive

*Check The Current Price HERE (Amazon Link)*

Bushnell Tour V4 Shift

Bushnell Golf Rangefinders

There are two versions of the Bushnell V4. The standard version vs the V4 Shift (Slope addition). I have a review done a full review of the standard Bushnell Tour V4 Here . The Standard V4 Model is priced very well right now

Even though the original version is nicely priced, I would probably still buy the slope model (SP). It performs very well and would be as close as you can get to the Pro X2 without breaking the bank. The Bushnell Tour V4 Slope is still one of the most affordable Bushnell golf rangefinders available.


Like most current Bushnell golf rangefinders, you get so many premium features. Most of the V4 Slope features are quiet similar to the Pro X2. You are basically only taking out the 100% waterproof frame and dual display option.

With the Bushnell Tour V4 Shift (SP Link) you are getting one of the best Bushnell rangefinders you can buy, even years after it’s release.

With 400 yards accuracy to the flagstick, 5x magnification and pin seeker Jolt (Vibrate) technology, it’s so easy to lock onto flags, even at 400 yards.

Best Bushnell Golf Rangefinders
Credit: Bushnellgolf.com

This is one of the key features that would separate the Bushnell golf rangefinders from a budget rangefinder or perhaps a rangefinder under $200.

Of course with the V4 Shift you get the impressive slope feature that works very well offering adaptive yardages based on the increase/decrease in elevation.

Overall the Bushnell Tour V4 is an excellent laser rangefinder. A nice more compact upgrade from the V3 model which is now end of life, but might have a few left on Amazon or maybe eBay.

Slope Feature

Bushnell Golf Rangefinders
Credit: Bushnellgolf.com

The V4 Shift is one of the best Bushnell golf rangefinders with slope. It’s the most affordable for sure.

The slope feature can also be easily switched on and off making it legal for tournament play.

When you turned the slope on, it displayed the degree difference and slope adjusted yardage right below the actual yardage.

One thing that must be mentioned is Bushnell’s customer service. If you feel your Tour V4 Slope (Amazon Affiliate Link) is not performing as well as expected, you can contact them and ask for a replacement. Usually they are pretty understanding and will replace it at ease.


I said from the get go that Bushnell golf rangefinders are expensive. They continue to be expensive and although often feature in the best golf laser rangefinders lists are sometimes too expensive for a lot of people.

However, if you are keen on a Bushnell rangefinder for golfing, the Tour V4 and Tour V4 Shift are the most affordable Bushnell rangefinders you can buy.

Right now the Slope version will cost you around $350 for the Patriots pack (Amazon Affiliate Link).

The standard none slope version will cost you around $240 (SP Link). The none slope version has dropped a lot in price recently.

The Tour V4 Slope is the perfect combination of speed, performance and design to make it one of Bushnell’s best rangefinders available.


  • Great Size and Weight
  • Slope can be turned on and off making it tournament legal.
  • Pin seeking & JOLT technology
  • 5x Magnification – brings the target in closer
  • Cool Carry Case
  • Most affordable Bushnell golf rangefinder with slope


  • Not 100% Waterproof, only water resistant

*You Can Find More Info On Amazon HERE*

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Bushnell Hybrid

The Bushnell Hybrid really is an interesting one and one of Bushnell’s weirdest rangefinders for sure. It’s the first laser rangefinder with built in GPS.

There’s always people arguing between which is better? Laser Rangefinder vs Golf GPS watches. It always seems to be up for debate, so Bushnell decided to merge the two into one device.

Built In GPS

The Bushnell Hybrid (SP Link) is really cool I must say. You have your standard quality Bushnell laser and scope view but you also get a little digital screen on the side that shows the yardage to front, middle and back of the green.

The Bushnell Hybrid (Full Review)) is preloaded with 36,000 courses from around the globe. It should have no problem finding your own course.

The Hybrid will update all courses automatically via Bluetooth and the App. It doesn’t require any additional costs or membership fees like you might see on other GPS devices.

The Bushnell Hybrid will also auto advance from hole to hole as you are playing. This is handy and doesn’t require you to be messing around with buttons.

Like you get with some of the best GPS watches or handheld GPS devices, the Bushnell Hybrid will get you hazard info. The device will show up to 4 hazards per hole.


Bushnell Golf Rangefinders
Credit: Bushnellgolf.com

What I love the most is when you are looking through the scope. When you are getting the yardage to the flagstick, it will also display the yardage to the front and back of the green.

This is really cool. Now having the yardage to front/back of the green was always the biggest disadvantages of owning a laser rangefinder vs a golf watch.

Along with this you also get some the the key Bushnell golf rangefinder features like 400 yard pin seeker with JOLT technology.

An interesting feature is the dual battery mode that allows you to use the battery or charge it using the USB. This is very handy if you electric trolley has a USB charging port.

No Slope Feature

However, the Bushnell Hybrid (Amazon Link) has no Slope feature. Which I was shocked at. If you are going all out creating a laser rangefinder with built in GPS, you’d imagine they would add their key feature – which is slope.

Is it a deal breaker?Not really, it works really well and offers brilliant yardage info. It tackles the biggest drawback of owning a rangefinder by providing yardages to front and back of the green.

If you play the same course every week usually, then not having Slope should be an issue as it’s not legal for tournament play anyway.


Right now on Amazon you can buy the Bushnell Hybrid for around $340 (Check Price Link HERE). I was kind of surprised at this price to be honest.

Remember this is a combo rangefinder device. I was expecting it to be more expensive since you the V4 Shift is around the same price. It’s a hell of a lot cheaper than the Pro X2 or XE.

If you compare the price of some of the best golf rangefinders like the Garmin Approach S60 or some other golf GPS watches it’s actually nicely priced.

I just love the fact I can see the front/back of the green yardage and the flagstick all through the scope. It’s really cool.

The only drawback is that there’s no slope which is a pity, but if they did have it, this would be their most expensive rangefinder for sure.

Credit: Bushnellgolf.com


  • Excellent yardage range up to 400 yards
  • Pin seeker and Jolt Technology
  • Built in GPS that shows front/middle and back of the green through the scope and also displayed on the digital screen.
  • Pre-loaded with courses and hazard info
  • Auto hole advance
  • Cool design
  • Reasonably priced considering the technology and competitors


  • Not 100% waterproof and requires you to mind the GPS screen.
  • No Slope feature

*Check The Price and Other Reviews on Amazon HERE*

Bushnell Pro XE

Credit: bushnellgolf.com

The Bushnell Pro XE (SP) right now is Bushnell premium rangefinder. It’s their best offering by far.

Right from the get go you can see it has that premium expensive design and build. It has a rubber armoured frame that makes it 100% waterproof.

This is one advantage right away as a lot of other Bushnell golf rangefinders are not waterproof but only water resistant.

The design of the XE also has what Bushnell call Integrated BITE magnetic technology. This means it can be attached to your caddy car bar easily for quick and easy access, rather than routing for it on every shot.


Credit: bushnellgolf.com

The Pro XE is by far the best Bushnell rangefinder you can buy. It has every aspect of the Pro X2 but more. It just beats it in every way it can, even if it’s just a little bit.

The yardage range has been extended to 500+ yards with pin seeker Jolt. This is really impressive. It’s it needed? Probably not but cool nonetheless.

Rather than your Pin Seeker and Jolt, you get a visual Jolt also to confirm you are locked onto flagstick.

When you are locked on to the flag, you will get a red ring around the scope circle and also display Slope with elements. It provides golfers with that added bit of confidence that they are locked onto the flagstick.

Slope With Elements

Credit: bushnellgolf.com

Like I said the Bushnell Pro XE (Amazon Link) takes a step up in almost every aspect of the Bushnell golf rangefinders features.

What is Slope with Elements? Well it the same as the normal slope feature but adds in other ‘Elements’ like temperature, barometric pressure and Slope to to provide the most accurate yardages possible.


You are buying the best Bushnell golf rangefinder available with the Pro XE; and that comes at a cost. But to my surprise, it has dropped in price recently and is now cheaper to buy on Amazon than the Pro X2.

Right now you can buy the Bushnell Pro XE (SP Link) on Amazon for a reduced price of less than $450. That’s over a $100 saving. I don’t know how long this will last, but at the time of this post the price was just under $450.

*You Can Check The Updated Price On Amazon HERE*

Disclaimer: The Golfing Lad is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon

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