Should I Buy A Rangefinder? Are They Worth The Money?

Should I Buy A Rangefinder? Are They Worth The Money?

Should I Buy A Laser Rangefinder?Are Rangefinders Worth It? – Yes they are definitely worth it. I am here to tell you why.

Rangefinders have become one of the most sought after golf gadgets in the last 10 years. Each year becoming more innovative and better performing. Rangefinders are one of the most valuable pieces of equipment golfers can buy to improve their game.

What Is A Rangefinder Used For?

A laser rangefinder is used to provide golfers with accurate yardages from long distances. Rather than estimating the yardage from yardage markers and the angle you are playing the golf hole.

How Does a Golf Laser Rangefinder Work?

Laser rangefinders are so easy to use. Simply aim the laser rangefinder at your target. The laser will ping the target (flagstick) and display the actual yardage between you and the target through the rangefinder scope.

Reasons To Buy A Rangefinder?

Accurate Yardages

I can’t stress it enough how important it is to know your yardages. If you want to be better golfer, you need the know your yardages. Simple.

Have you ever played a badly marked golf course? What I mean by that is a golf course that might have yardage plates in the middle of the fairway, but none to the side of the fairway. Are those markers to the front of the green or middle of the green? Some courses don’t even say it on the score card.

When you are playing from the side of the fairway or in the rough, attacking the green from an angle. Well, the yardage is also a lot different.  You basically have estimate (guess) the angle yardage. That’s not how to play golf. Guessing wont help you shoot low scores will it?

If you are you approaching the green with your scoring irons (8 iron – lob wedge), it is crucial you know the exact yardage in order to play the correct club. When you have the correct yardage, you can play the right club to try and knock it in close. At least you know the right club to knock it in pin high.

Club Data

How far do you hit your 8 iron? Do you know exactly? Well, if you don’t know, you need to know.

By owning a laser rangefinder, you will be able to collect your club data. After a playing a couple of rounds, you will be able to collect your club data. Take out your laser rangefinder, aim and get the yardage. Hit what you feel is the correct club. Lets say you’re 150 yards out. You play a 9 iron and go pin high. You are now confident you can hit your 9 iron bang on 150. The same goes if you hit it 1o yards past or short. You will know you hit that club 160 or 140 yardage.

During your first few rounds, try and jot down how far you each club. You might surprise yourself. You might hit it longer or shorted than you actually think. Try and take note of your pitch marks also. This will allow you to know your carry distance. If you find your distances a little scattered for each club; try and take the average distance.

Hazards Yardage

Should I Buy A Laser Rangefinder?I hate playing new courses and not knowing my yardages. I feel like I am constantly guessing. Knowing your yardages for hazards in so important.

Picture this.

You are playing a Par 5, with some dangerous fairway bunkers. But how far away are they? Some of the better courses might have some of the info, but not always accurate as you can be teeing off anywhere on a large tee box. What do you do? Take a chance try and clear it with the driver (usually the case). Will you make it? If you are wrong it can be costly to your round.

Laser rangefinders are brilliant at getting hazard info like fairway bunkers, trees and water hazards. Simply take our your laser rangefinder, look through the scope. Done!

Faster Play

You’re playing well, approaching the 16th hole, looking a about 120 yards. You don’t want to be ‘THAT GUY’. Pacing out the yardage from the 100 yard marker in the middle of the fairway back to your ball. It takes time, slows down play , and you look like a dick. It’s even worse if you duff it 10 yards in front of you.

Which Golf Rangefinder is Best For You?

There’s a few things to consider, such as; the type of golfer you are, how often you play, your budget and what you want from a rangefinder.


This one is pretty obvious, but so important, especially when it comes to rangefinders. Laser rangefinders can vary so much in price. Rangefinders can vary in price ranges from $150 – $500+. Crazy difference in prices right?

You can find a brilliant budget friendly rangefinder like the TecTecTec V500 (Review Here). It’s one of the cheapest rangefinders on the market, but very popular. You can see why. It’s reasonable priced, performs well, looks great. The reviews for this rangefinder speak for themselves.

You can find brilliant mid range priced laser rangefinders for around $250. My personal favourite is the Precision NX7 Pro (Review here). It’s such a brilliant rangefinder for the price. Its performance rivals the most premium rangefinders on the market like the Bushnell Pro X2. Offering fast accurate yardages, vibration alerts for pin locks, durable design, etc

You can go to the high end of the spectrum also. The premium top shelf rangefinder. What is that you ask? Well it’s hard to look past the might Bushnell Pro X2. This is the holy grail of rangefinders; but comes at a heavy cost. It’s lightning quick, jolt technology, pin seeker, +/- .5 yard accuracy and just looks amazing. One of the coolest rangefinders on the market.

I have a full review done of the ‘Best Golf Laser Rangefinders’ that you can read HERE.

What Type Of Golfer Are You?

Are you a single figure golfer or scratch golfer? You might need a rangefinder that can be get +/- half yard accuracy. This allows for deadly accurate yardages crucial for wedge shots and tight pins.

You might be reading this thinking, “who the hell needs half yardages?”. Well you would be surprised. High skilled golfers are usually talented wedge players and need this type of accuracy.

How Often Do You Play?

If you are a regular golfer, as play at least every week. You can benefit from a laser rangefinder. It would make sense for you to purchase a laser rangefinder. However, if you only play once a month or less. You will be just looking to play your way around and find your swing. A rangefinder might not be much help to you as you might be inconsistent in your yardages.

To be honest I wouldn’t even bother with one if you play once a month or less. Instead I would just download a free GPS app for your smartphone. I have an article on that you can find here.

Should I Buy A Golf Rangefinder?

Yes I would say you should buy a laser rangefinder. Rangefinders are worth the money. If you are playing golf of course. Golf laser rangefinders have so many benefits I mentioned above that can help you lower your scores and become a better golfer.

If you want help choosing a rangefinder, I have a review of the best rangefinders available here that goes into detail for a number of different models. You can find that Here.

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