What to Wear Golfing in Cold Weather | Clothing Tips For Golfing In Winter

What to Wear Golfing in Cold Weather | Clothing Tips For Golfing In Winter

If you play golf in the winter, then you must really love the game. Let’s be honest, playing golf in the winter is not always the most glamorous. Unless you are from a warmer climate; golfing in the winter can be cold, damp and with soft and mucky ground. But, you might be thinking, what should I wear golfing in cold weather?

What To Wear Golfing In Cold Weather?

You want to stay warm, but you need to be able to play. There’s no point in wearing 20 layers to stay warm, if you can barely more, not to mind swing the golf club. Here are my tips on golf clothing for winter.

Thermal Base Layer

What to Wear Golfing in Cold Weather

Personally I like to wear a thermal style base layer. They’re designed to keep you warm, comfortable and allow you to move. The stretchy material allows for full body movement.

Depending on what style you prefer, you can buy a short sleeve or long sleeve thermal shirt. Having a good base layer, will keep you warm and gives you more options for comfortable winter clothing that will not limit your golf swing.

I would suggest you invest in a decent thermal layer. Don’t just go for the cheapest one you can find. A good quality thermal base shirt could last you at least 2 years golfing.

I like this Under Armour One, You Can Find It HERE (SP)

If you don’t plan on spending much, you should check out the Telsa Mens Thermal Top. It’s pretty cheap and has amazing reviews so far. You can check it out HERE (SP).

Dry Second Layer

After you have a thermal base layer, you have plenty options to suit any golfer. You can buy a waterproof long sleeve, 1/4 zip pull over, or maybe a sleeveless winter vest. Personally I really like the Sports 1/4 zip tops and sleeveless vest.

Golf 1/4 Zip top are designed for performance, keep you warm and are quick drying. Perfect for winter golf and those nasty rain showers.

If it’s supposed to be dry for the round. Well according to my iPhone weather App. I like to opt for a winter sleeveless Vest with a long sleeve base layer. I just love the freedom in my swing while wearing the winter vest. My arms feel completely free, but it keeps my warm.

Water Proof Golf Shoes

Clothing Tips For Golfing In Winter

Sounds pretty obvious I know, most golf shoes are waterproof. But you’d be surprised how many golfers have water proof golf shoes, but the seal inside the shoe is cracked or leaking. You are leaving yourself vulnerable for colds/flues and other illnesses if you don’t get these replaced.

This happened to me. I had an expensive pair of Under Armour shoes that were supposed to be waterproof.

I played one day when it was wet. After the end of the round, I was changing in the locker room. Not one, but both of my feet were soaked. The seal between the end of my laces and toes was cracked in both shoes.

Luckily, Under Armour have a 1 year warranty for such issues and they replaced them straight away.

Woolly Hat

What To Wear Golfing In Cold Weather?

Make sure you wear your woolly hat. You can pick some nice ones up pretty cheap that will keep you warm.

I usually wear mine for the first few holes when it’s colder in the morning. If it’s a nice winter morning with some sunshine, usually I take it off after 6 or 7 holes.

But believe me, there’s been plenty of days where it never leaves my head.

Wet Weather Glove

What To Wear Golfing In Cold Weather?

If you have ever played in the rain, you will know that holding the club can be a nightmare, especially if you have poor grips.

Have you ever let the club slip out of your hands hitting the ball? I sure have.

Wet weather golf gloves are live savers. The wetter they get, the firmer the grip gets.

This allows you to swing the club at full confidence. The club wont slip from your hand, heading down the fairway. I know this blog post is more about what to wear for winter golfer, but technically you do wear these.

The FootJoy Rain Grip Gloves Are Amazing – You Can Find Them Here

Winter Mitts

I don’t always wear winter mitts, but I always carry them in the golf bag.

They are convenient when it’s bitterly cold. having cold hands is a terrible feeling, and makes the winter golf a little more depressing.

It’s important to keep your hands warm, keeping the blood flowing. Winter mitts are great to keep you warm, just pop them on for a few minutes or between some tee/fairway shots and you feel the heat coming back to your hands right away.

Holding the golf club with cold hands is difficult. My hands feel stiff and uncomfortable holding the club with cold hands. Winter Mitts are great to fight this.

Light Rain Gear

What To Wear Golfing In Winter

I nearly always wear my rain gear bottoms playing golf in winter? Why so? Well the ground is usually soft and mucky.

If I don’t wear them, my golf trousers get covered in muck. So usually what I do is buy a couple cheap pairs of golf trousers and wear them underneath.

If you don’t like wearing rain pants, then I’d recommend wearing cheap trousers anyway. Don’t waste your expensive under Armour pair playing in winter; unless they’re old and you plan on upgrading anyway.

You don’t always need to buy a complete set of rain gear i,e pants & jacket. If you feel you only need the jacket, make sure it’s light and allows you to move.

Unless it’s a wash out and you are playing in constant rain (you maniac), you will be taking this on and off. So make sure you’re not buying straight jacket that’s a nightmare to take off.

Items To Consider Playing Winter Golf

Waterproof Golf Carry Bag

If your course is like mine, common walking areas will be blocked off. For example around the greens etc, you will need to follow the path around green, to stop trolleys damaging the ground. This can get pretty annoying.

You’d be surprised how much easier it actually is just carrying the golf bag in winter. Simply walk through the gap or hop over the rope. Golfers with trolleys will need to go all the way around, and it’s pretty annoying.

If you do get a carry bag, make sure you get one that’s light and waterproof. Most of them try to be waterproof now but make sure you check. Especially if you are buying one second hand.

Non waterproof bags just soak up water like a sponge. Remember, you will need to carry that extra weight. A waterproof bag keeps your belongings and clubs dry also. A carry bag that’s not waterproof can leak onto to your golf grips through the bag. A wet golf grip is a recipe for disaster.

Golf Umbrella

Pretty self explanatory here, an umbrella will keep you dry. But carrying them can be annoying, especially with a carry bag.

If you have an electric golf trolley, you need to invest in both an umbrella and an umbrella holder. These are an amazing combination.

The umbrella sits in the holder by the trolley handle. Keeping you dry as you walk.

But where it’s really handy is before you hit the golf shot. You can hang a towel inside the opened umbrella. Just before you swing the club, you can give the golf grip a quick dry, so it’s 100% dry taking the shot.

It sounds like a small thing, but you’d be surprised how much you miss it the next day. It rains and you’re trying to hold the umbrella, take your club out, take your towel out, dry the club, put the towel in the bag, DROP THE CLUB on the ground and start over.

You Can Get Your Umbrella Trolley Holder Here

What to Wear Golfing in Cold Weather?

Winter is a great time to try new things with your game. It gives you the opportunity to get some golf lessons, try a new swing and get your game right before the summer kicks in.

I hope this article helped you find out what to wear golfing in cold weather. Thanks For Reading

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