Nikon Coolshot 20 vs 40 | Which Should You Buy?

Nikon Coolshot 20 vs 40 | Which Should You Buy?

If you are reading this, It’s safe to assume you’re thinking of buying a Nikon Laser Rangefinder but you’re stuck between two – Nikon Coolshot 20 vs 40. Which one should you choose? I’ll do my best to help you make that decision.

Nikon laser rangefinders have become extremely popular over the last couple of years. The low cost brand has become well known for it’s excellent performance and wallet friendly prices to rival the premium brands. You need only check a couple of Amazon reviews (HERE) to see why people like them so much.

Nikon Coolshot 20 vs 40 Side By Side

FeaturesCoolshot 20Coolshot 40
Yardage Range550 Yards650 Yards
First Target PriorityYesYes
Nikon Hyper ReadNoYes
Accuracy+/- 1 yard+/- 1 yard
Yards & Meter Reading?YesYes
Warranty2 Years2 Years

First Impressions

Nikon Coolshot 20 or 40

One thing that stood out to me and will do to golfers who have purchased rangefinders before, you will notice how small and compact the device is. There’s plenty of other models out there that are much bigger and bulkier like the Bushnell V4 or Pro XE for example.

It’s quiet slim and lightweight so it can fit in your pocket if you liked, rather than take it in and out of your golf bag each time. The Coolshot 20 only weights 124.7grams.

Along with it’s small and compact design, the Coolshot 20 has a nice clean look. If you’re not into louder bright colored rangefinders like the NX7 Pro (Link here) for example. It’s white finish is clean, simple and keen on the eye.

The Nikon 40 has plenty of similarities to the Coolshot 20. It pretty much looks the exact same, except for curve in the design that helps the device fit into your palm a little better (image on amazon). The look is has the same clean white finish with a dash of blue across the middle. Again it’s a very nice looking rangefinders.

Nikon Coolshot 40 vs 20

So far there’s very little to distinguish between the Nikon Coolshot 20 vs 40. Let’s move on and see where we can see some key differences.


The Coolshot 20 is extremely accurate. I was surprised when we originally tested this with how fast it was to pick up the flagstick. There’s a scanning mode that you can use where the Coolshot 20 will essential scan the for 8 seconds and pick up yardages to smallest of targets.

One features I must credit Nikon for is it’s first target priority mode. What is that exactly? Basically the Nikon 20 will give you the closest targeted object from a group of objects.

For example, you are playing into a green where the back of the green is surrounded by trees and bushes. A lot of rangefinders can struggle to get this yardage and often times golfers are afraid of getting the yardage to the trees rather than the flagstick. In this situation, the Nikon 20 will only display the yardage to the closest scanned target i.e the flagstick.

Nikon Coolshot 20 vs 40

The Nikon 20 will get you yardages up to 550 yards up to +/- 1 yard accuracy. The optics are amazingly clear as Nikon uses what they call Multilayer coatings to provide higher light visibility to minimise loss of light.

The Coolshot 40 is also very accurate, and again a lot of the tech with regards the optics etc are still the same. with regards the quality of the scope etc. However, the Coolshot 40 is a little faster to picking up the yardages. The Nikon has what they call ‘Hyper Read’ that picks up the yardages quicker. Is it a big difference? Not really if I’m honest but you would notice if you compare the two.

It uses the same 8 second scan technology to get yardages to small objects, hazards, bunkers, etc. Still not much as of yet to distinguish between the Nikon 20 vs 40.


Both devices are waterproof which is brilliant. Now not many of you will require a waterproof rangefinders, but as many readers already know, we are based in Ireland. A typical day of golf can bring the four seasons. A waterproof rangefinder is essential.


Now this is where we find some differences when you compare the Nikon Coolshot 20 vs 40. Why? Well there’s a pretty big difference in price.

The Coolshot 20 is priced around $149 (See Price On Amazon Here). Personally I think that’s a brilliant price for what you are getting. It’s probably the best laser rangefinder for the money. It rivals The TecTecTec Vpro 500 (review here), which is very similar priced and also very popular.

The Nikon Coolshot 40 price however is around the $249 price (at the time of this post). You can check the price on Amazon HERE. Now I do think the Coolshot 40 is a brilliant rangefinder, but I don’t think it’s worth $249.

When you compare the Nikon Coolshot 20 vs 40, I just can’t see the value in the extra $100 or so for the Coolshot 40. From what I can see, you are only getting a rangefinder that fits your palm a little better and gets you the yardage ever so slightly quicker with their ‘Hyper Read’.

The main reason I don’t think it’s the Nikon Coolshot 40 is worth the money because it lacks some features for that price. At that price you should be getting at least a Slope feature or Pin Lock Vibration. This is a little vibrate notification you get when you are locked onto the flag. You can find this feature on the Premium Bushnell rangefinder like the V4 Shift (Review Here), Pro XE (Review Here) and of course one of my favorites, the NX7 Pro (Review Here).

What About The Nikon Coolshot 40i?

Nikon Coolshot 20 vs 40i

If you want those extra few features you will need to consider the Nikon Coolshot 40i. It’s a slight upgrade to the 40. The Nikon 40i, is basically the 40 with Slope and a different color.

The design is the exact same as the orginal Coolshot 40 but it comes in a jet black base color and blue through the middle.

The upgraded model will set you back just shy of $300. Again it works very well with accurate yardages and a good slope reading. However, there’s a major problem with this rangefinder. Because the slope feature cannot be turned off, it’s not legal for tourmanet play (check out my rangefinder legal post)

To me this makes the Nikon Coolshot 40i absolutely pointless. If I can’t use it in tournament play it’s no good to me (personally). But, if you don’t play competitions then it’s perfectly fine.

Nikon Coolshot 20 vs 40 – Which Would I Pick?

Nikon Coolshot 20 vs 40

I’m guessing you might know by now which I would choose between the Coolshot 20 vs 40. I would 100% pick the Coolshot 20.

It’s one of the best rangefinders you can buy for the money. It performs well, looks well and has a brillaint slim compact design.

I just cannot see the added value in purchasing the Coolshot 40. It looks very similiar, performs very similair, has no extra standout features to justtify the upgrade; and more importantly costs an extra $100.

I don’t think you will be disappointed by the Nikon Coolshot 20. You can find the best price on Amazon HERE.

Nikon Coolshot 20
550 Yardage Range
8 Second Scan
First Target Priority
2 Year Warranty
Nikon Coolshot 40
650 Yardage Range
8 Second Scan
First Target Priority
Hyper Read
2 Year Warranty


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