Best Golf Training Aids for Swing plane | 3 Options Worth Considering

Best Golf Training Aids for Swing plane | 3 Options Worth Considering

Golf training aids have come a lot of further in recent years with the improvement of technology. Some of the best golf training aids for swing plane aren’t gimmicky tools that often time have very little benefit.

Eyeline Speed Trap 2.0 – Easiest To Use

The Eyeline Speed Trap 2.0 (Check Price On Amazon HERE) is one of the best golf training aids for swing plane. It’s such a simple device but helps golfers fix their swing plane so quickly.

Every couple years there’s a golf training aids that takes the golf world by storm. Nowadays, training aids seem to getting more and more technical. The SpeedTrap is the opposite. It’s probably the easiest golf swing plane training aid you can use.

How Do You Use The Eyeline Speed Trap?

best golf training aids for swing plane

The Eyeline Speed Trap (Full Review) is so easy to use but works so well. Simply aim the speed trap at your target by using the white line down the centre of the plate.

If you are using it on the grass, you can put some tees in the holes ot keep it firmly secured to the ground. From there you can place the four rods on the velcro circles.

The closer together you place the rods, the harder it gets. It forces you to have your swing absolutely perfect. Once you have this done, just take a quick step back and make sure you’re aiming at your intended target.

Why is the Eyeline Speed Trap one of the best training aids for Swing Plane?

Well it does a lot more than just help with a improving your swing plane. It helps golfers fix their slices and hooks by alternating their swing path and forcing a swing path to have them hit the ball straighter.

Can The Eyeline Speed Trap Fix My Slice?

best golf training aids for swing plane

If you slice the golf ball, it means you are swinging with an Out-to-In swing path. This puts a lot of spina and curvature on the ball. A slice is one of the most common swing faults among golfers.

By placing a speed rod inside your left foot (if you are right handed) and another rod at the back right corner. This will promote an in-to-out swing path that will help you hit a draw, fighting your slice. By swinging more from the inside, your swing path will improve and have you hitting the ball much straighter of even with a slight draw which is amazing to see for any golfers who slices the ball.

Can The Eyeline Speed Trap Fix My Hook?

The same goes for a hook or over draw. A snap hook is probably the most unpleasant shot that any golfer can see and can destroy any golfers confidence. A hook is generally caused by swinging too much In-to-Out. This swing path also leads to Blocks that start off right of target and continue straight.

To fix your hook, you will set up the rods to the opposite way we just mentioned above. You will place one speed rod inside your right foot on back of the plate and another at the opposite top corner. This will promote an out-to-in swing that helps you fade the ball.

Does The Eyeline Speed Trap Work?

training to aid to fix swing plane

Yes, I think the Eyeline Speed Trap is one of the best golf training aids for swing plane. It’s simple to use and it’s not technical at all compared to other golf training aids for swing plane.

The reason I tested the Eyeline Speed Trap was to help me with my swing plane. I struggle with hooks/blocks due to my in to out swing, especially with my driver. The Speed trap was a huge help for fixing my swing path. It helped me from hitting snap hooks and blocks to baby fades.

What I love about the Eyeline Speed Trap is that you can use this without a golf ball practicing at home or in the garden building your muscles memory.

Put The Time In To Fix Your Swing Plane Permanently

This tool takes time to really show how well it works. You will need a good few range sessions using this to build your muscle memory to effectively change your swing path for good and transfer it to the course.

From my own experience, I found when I didn’t go to the course for 2 weeks and only practice this at the range or at home I found my muscle memory was improving and my swing change quickly became my normal natural swing. It stopped me from going back to my old swing habits on the course.

After the two weeks of practice, I went back to the golf course and found huge improvement to my swing. I was swing naturally on the correct path without any major swing mechanic thoughts.

I would 100% recommend this product for anyone who struggles with their swing plane, it’s one of the best golf training aids for swing plane fixes, hands down.

My only problem with the Eyeline Speed Trap is the price. It works great an all but the price right now is around $99 (See HERE). Now to me that’s a lot for some plastic and foam rods.

However, if you check on Amazon HERE, you can find some replica models that is essentially the exact same thing but with a different logo. I would recommend you buy one of those instead because there’s absolutely no difference between them.

Garmin TruSwing – Best If You Own A Garmin Watch

training to aid to fix swing plane

Ok, now we are getting a little more technical, but the technology is pretty cool I must say.

The Garmin TruSwing is a small device that connects to golfer’s club shaft. It collects key swing data and metrics such as swing speed, swing tempo, swing path and club face angles, etc. I have listed below the key metrics provided.

Garmin TruSwing Key Features 

  • Swing Tempo
  • Swing Speed
  • Face to Target
  • Dynamic Loft
  • Shaft Angle
  • Club Path
  • Club Path Coordinates
  • Shaft Lean
  • Wrist Path Coordinates

Setting Up The Garmin TruSwing

swing plane training aids that work

I did a full review of the Garmin Truswing (Full Review HERE). The Truswing is easy to set up. Simply attach the device just below the grip on the golf shaft.

However, you do need to be careful when attaching the device. You need to be sure that the device is aligned correctly, otherwise your swing metric data will be off. Unfortunately this is done by eye, using the white line on the device. It would be great if there was a little sensor or something to you that you are set up correctly.

From there start swinging and you can see your swing data on your smartphone via the Garmin Connect App or right their on your golf watch.

The Truswing works great if you own a Garmin Golf Watch. You can swing and check the info right their on your wrist, rather than check your phone each time. You don’t need a Garmin watch to use the TruSwing, but it’s justa bonus if you do have one.

Does The TruSwing Fix My Swing Plane?

training to aid to fix swing plane

The TruSwing will gove you some data similar to the expensive Trackman monitors. You get key swing metric info like swing speed, swing path, face angles and more.

What I love most about the Truswing is the 3D real time animations to show the swing and swing data. It highlights your swing path is really cool to see but was also really eye opening to me. From here you can clearly see the mistakes you are making on your swing path.

Like I mentioned above with the Speed Trap, my swing path was In-to-Out way from the inside. I already had a fair idea this was my problem for the hooks/blocks; but I had no idea how far from the inside I was swing. I was swinging with a +12 path which is destination snap hook or block all day long unless some serious compensation happens with the hands and face at impact.

Excellent Swing View

With the info presented so well via the 3D annimation, the TruSwing shows you clearly the changes you need to make to fix your swing path. You can apply your drills and swing changes and see how it affects the ball flight. Keep practicing and fine tuning your swing path as neutral as you can or your desired swing path for a fade/draw.

I would advise you look up the termiology for some swing metrics so you know what you are looking for, what the data means and how to fix it.

The TruSwing is great for swing path, which for me was my main concern. But it’s also great for checking your swing speed and more importanly your swing tempo.

Overall the TruSwing is a brilliant device and one of the best training aids for fixing swing plane. Well worth considering.

Considering the technology in this little device, it’s ver well priced in my opinion. Especially when you consider the price of the Eyeline Speed Trap when it’s basically plastic and some foam.

You can check the price of the Garmin TruSwing On Amazon HERE (Link)

Zepp 2 Swing Analyser – Best Golf Training Aid for Swing plane

best golf training aid for swing plane

I think the Zepp 2 (check price HERE) is one of coolest swing analysers you can buy right now. It’s without a doubt one of the best training aids for swing plane, if not the best. I will explain why.

Design & Set Up

First of all, it’s tiny. It clips to your golf glove. Unlike other swing plane analysers like the TruSwing that require golfers to attach a device to thee golf shaft. This is small compact and looks like a cool piece of tech.

It’s simple to set up. Just clip it to your golf glove, download and connect the app to the device via bluetooth and you are ready to go.

Swing Analysis

Ok so you are most likely hear because you are looking for a swing plane training aid. I think the Zepp 2 3D swing analyser could be your answer. If you are looking for a tech solution at least and you’re into your data.

The Zepp 2 will measure all your key swing metrics including club speed, club plane, hand plane, back swing position, tempo, hip rotation. That’s a lot of data I know, but Zepp explain it and present it so well that it’s not overwhelming at all.

Swing Path Fix

Swing path is my biggest problem in my golf swing. I mentioned my tendency to swing in to out. Now the eyeline speed trap is a great swing plane training aid once you know your problem. But the Zepp 2 is a brilliant swing training aid for highlighting problems in the swing and offers tips and solutions how to fix them.

That’s right, the Zepp 2 actually has videos tips you can watch to fix the problems they can see in your swing. I think this is amazing. It’s like having your very own coach. For example, when I swing in to out, Zepp will show me video tips how to correct my swing path to become more neutral.

Video Analysis

D’ya know those videos you see when watching the PGA at home on TV where the pundits review and analyse the golfers swing in slow motion and side angles? Well you can do the same thing with the Zepp 2.

You can record and watch real footage of your golf swing with key metrics showing on screen. It’s nice to be able to see the footage that accompanies the best swings you are making to allow you to focus on those swings. You can find a swing recording to hold you phone on Amazon HERE.

This is really useful if you are getting lessons. Have you ever got lessons, and left the golf lesson hitting the ball great, but then the next day you are back to the same old crap. Well with the Zepp 2 can help you maintain the swing the you need by monitoring the footage and swing metrics.

Does The Zepp 2 work?

I think the Zedd 3D probably the best golf training aid for swing plane (unless you want to buy a Trackman). The Zepp 2 is small, packed with plenty of tech and it works. Simply clip it to your golf glove, connect to your phone and you are on your way to a better swing.

Check the Price for the Zepp 2 Swing Analyser On Amazon HERE.

Which One Would I Pick?

Eyeline SpeedTrap 2.0 – Easiest To Use

If you are looking for a none technical way of fixing your swing path, then this could be the best one for you. It doesn’t go into any swing metrics or data that can confuse golfers who don’t understand swing metric data, etc. The SpeedTrap just keeps things simple. However, I do think it’s expensive for what it is when you compare it to the two other options below.

Garmin TruSwing – If You Own A Garmin Watch

If you own a Garmin Watch then the Garmin TruSwing is worth a purchase. It works particular well with the Garmin watches. However, I do think overall the Zepp 2 offers better analysis with tips to fix problems.

Zepp 2 – Winner

If you are looking for a complete swing analyser (especially swing plane), you cannot go wrong with the Zepp 2. It’s the next best thing to a trackman without spending $10,000. Coming in under $150 is a pretty good deal I think.

Buy Now On Amazon – HERE


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