Sklz Gold Flex Review – Should You Buy It?

Sklz Gold Flex Review – Should You Buy It?

Sklz Gold Flex Review

Lets get right to the point. The Sklz Gold Flex Trainer (SP) is one of the best golf training aids out there, Period.

It’s designed to improve your swing and tempo by encouraging a flatter swing plane and forces the downswing to be initiated by the lower body.

The SKLZ Gold Flex Trainer is both a training aid and warm up tool. It focusses on the key sing movements from the top swing accelerating through the ball and a full follow through swing motion.

How Does It Work?

The SKLZ Gold Flex (Amazon Link) is a 48” fishing rod style (whippie) shaft with a heavy ball at the end of the shaft. It works like a pendulum. The weights on the whippie shafts allow you to swing the club naturally in a rhythm that is difficult to fight.

For example, if you try to force the swing, too fast or out of rhythm, you will get some shaky feedback. shaft give it a natural rhythm.

Personally I struggle with my rhythm and tempo. I often take the club back nice and smooth and start my swing too fast and early. The SKLZ Gold Flex works so well to fight this.

When you reach the top of your backswing, the SKLZ Gold Flex prevents you from starting the swing too early with your arms or body.

You need to wait and allow the heavy ball at the end of the shaft to reach the top swing before you can start the downswing. This keeps the club in the correct rhythm with your body.

Helps Improve Grip

Sklz Gold Flex Review

Having the correct golf grip is crucial to having a good swing. The Golf Flex is one of the best golf training aids for helping you with your grip. There are hand placement guidelines right on the grip so you know how to correctly grip the club.

Legal To Carry In The Golf Bag

It’s good to note also that the SKLZ Gold trainer is legal to keep in your golf bag. However you can’t use it out on the course. It’s great that you can keep it in your bag. I’d hate to use it out on the range an have to go back and put in into your car or golf locker.

What I love about the SKLZ Gold Flex is that it comes without instructions. You open the package and swing away. Within a couple if swings you will start naturally swinging in a nice smooth tempo.

You cannot rush the SKLZ Gold Flex trainer, it simply wont allow you to force the swing, and if you try it, you will get an awful shaky vibration and inevitably a horrible swing.

However, if you would like some instructions or more info how to use, YouTube has lots of training videos from professionals.

If you are a beginner or high handicap golfer, I cannot recommend this training aid enough.

The SKLZ Gold Flex will help you get the right tempo and swing plane to improve your overall swing and consistency.

It will serve you as an excellent warm up tool that will get you on the right swing before you start your round.

SKLZ Gold Flex 40″ vs 48″ – Which One Should You Buy?

Personally the 48″ is the best buy. One 48″ can be used by everyone in your family, rather than buying an individual one.

If you are a short woman or junior golfer maybe the 40″ might be the better buy. If you do buy the longer one however you choke down on the grip or bring it to your golf professional and get it cut the the ‘perfect’ size.

I do actually like the smaller one to replicate short iron swings. The 48″ is 3 inches longer than your standard driver length. So if you are only buying this to improve your iron swing tempo, maybe consider the smaller one.

I Play Left Handed, Will This Work?

Yes. The SKLZ Gold Flex Trainer (SP) works exactly the same for both righty and lefty golfers. The golf grip does not have a mould on the grip the fit a specific grip. it has a standard style grip with some guidelines to show you wear to cup your hand and place your fingers. You can see this in the image above.

Is It Designed For Men, Women & Children?

The SKLZ Gold Flex Trainer work exactly the same for men, women and children. Everyone can benefit from using the SKLZ Gold Flex.

Smaller women or kids will be best suited to the 40″ version, rather than the 48″.


  • Extremely easy to use
  • Reasonably priced compared to similar training aids
  • Great for practice at home. A couple of swing a day in your garden or garage can help keep your tempo on point.
  • Can benefit any golfer regardless of the player’s golf handicap.


  • Not an all round swing solution.

SKLZ Gold Flex Review- Final Verdict

The SKLZ Gold Flex is one of the best golf training aids you can buy for improving your tempo.

It will help you with your swing tempo, swing plane and acceleration through the golf ball.

It’s also a great tool for warming up before your round of golf. Warming up your key swing muscles before playing is very important to avoid injury and stiffness. Using the SKLZ Gold Flex daily will help you keep your swing in check.

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