Voice Caddie SC200 Launch Monitor Review – Does It Work?

Voice Caddie SC200 Launch Monitor Review – Does It Work?

Everybody has probably heard of a trackman. A device that tracks your yardages, launch angle, etc, but also costs nearly $25,000. Not feasible for an everyday golfer. Enter the Voice Caddie SC200 (SP), a portable device that detects your carry distance, ball speed, swing speed and launch angle.

What’s In The Box?

Credit: https://www.voicecaddie.com/en-us/34/SC200-Swing-Caddie
  • Swing Caddie 2 Launch Monitor
  • Remote Control
  • Leather carrying bag
  • 4 aaa batteries
  • Instruction booklet

Voice Caddie SC200 Review

With the Sc200 you get a couple of brilliant modes to choose from. These include Practice Mode, Target Mode, and Approach Mode.

Practice Mode

Voice Caddie SC200 Review

Practice mode will track your swing speed, ball speed, shot yardage and smash factor. Simply set the device up behind you, select your club and start hitting some shots.

The SC200 will automatically tell you the yardage after you hit each shot using the Voice Distance Output. This is really handy rather than looking at the device after each shot. It with automatically reset after each shot.

Target Mode

This mode is great. It really lets you see how consistent you can be. Simply set your target yardage, hit 10 shots in a row. The Sc200 will collect your scores and determine how accurate you are. You will be scored from 1 – 10. The target mode is a lot of fun, and really makes you challenge yourself to continue beating your score.

Approach Mode

Voice Caddie SC200 Review

Approach mode is an excellent feature that will seriously improve your approach game. The Voice Caddie Sc200 will give you a random distance, and rate you out of 10 after you play your shot.

After each shot you will be given a new yardage to try and hit. This is excellent training feature. Rather than hitting the same club and yardage each time; the approach feature will train you to adjust to new distances and shots. Just as if you were out on the course.

This will help you become more accurate with your approach shots and lower your scores. The approach mode will be more suited to the lower handicap players fine tune their wedge game.

But because there’s no target to aim at, I do find it a little difficult to use sometimes. Visual targets make it easier to hit random distances on cue.

Some ranges will have more yardages markers making it easier to do this. Almost all ranges should have at least For example 50 & 100 yardage markers.

Voice Caddie SC200 Key Specs 

Voice Caddie SC200 Review
Credit: https://www.voicecaddie.com/en-us/34/SC200-Swing-Caddie

Voice Caddie SC200 Review- Does It Work? 

Voice Caddie Sc200 Review
Credit: https://www.voicecaddie.com/en-us/34/SC200-Swing-Caddie

Yes, it works, most of the time. It gives you all the information that you need to improve your game.

The Swing Caddie gives you all the info an amateur golfers needs in my option. Remember this isn’t a $25K Trackman; It’s a small portable device that fits in your pocket.

The Sc200 will give you accurate readings for carry distance, swing speed, ball speed and smash factor. Voice Caddies website says that it has a +/- .5 yardage accuracy and +/- 3% accuracy in ball speed.

I found it quiet accurate. Out on the course I use both a GPS watch and laser rangefinder and found that it matches my yardages. I usually hit a 9 iron pretty much bang on 150 yards and the SC200 showed similar results.

It rarely showed me outrageous results which is great and kept my ego at bay. I did kind of shank/slice one long iron that did say it went 200 yards which by looking at the shot was doubtful (It was not pretty).

I did expect more discrepancies in the yardages, especially when you can pick these up for under $400 in some places.

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Who Should Buy The Voice Caddie SC200 Launch Monitor? 

You Enjoy the Driving Range

This is great device if you go to the driving range a lot. If you like to practice on the range, the Sc200 can really improve your game.

The yardage data you collect will really improve your course management. The yardage data you collect with each club will allow you to make better decision out on the course.

If you know how far you each club consistently, by using a laser rangefinder or GPS watch on the course you can know your exact yardage to the target.

If You Struggle With Distance Control

The Approach mode is an excellent feature that will seriously improve your short game. The Voice Caddie Sc200 will give you a random distance, after each shot you hit and you will need to try and hit that distance.

The Approach mode will force you to alter your swing to hit the target distance. For example the pros often use the length of their back swing to determine how far they each each approach shot.

After a few practice sessions you should be able to quickly adjust your swing to hit the desired distance. This is excellent practice that will benefit you out on the course.

You Don’t Know Your Distances

How far do you hit a 7-iron? Do you really know or are you guessing? The Sc200 is an excellent training aid to find out exactly how far you hit each club.

After a few sessions at the range you will be able to collect your yardage data for each of your clubs. This is extremely important for your scoring irons.

Who Shouldn’t Buy The Voice Caddie Sc200?

You Want To Fix Your Golf Swing

If you are buying this with the attention of fixing your golf swing, this is not for you. If you have a problem with your swing, for example slicing or hooking, then go get lessons or try one a golf training aid for swing planes.

You Don’t Live Near A Driving Range

If you don’t live near a range, do not buy this. It will be wasted. This is a fantastic device but requires a driving range to benefit from using it. You need some time at the range to get the best out of this device and it deserves your time, and it will improve your game.

Is The Voice Caddie Sc200 Worth It?

Voice Caddie Sc200 Review

Yes, I think it is. If you play enough golf and live close to a range this will improve your golf game.

It’s so small and compact that can be stored away in your golf bag. If you want to sharpen up your game and love data this is the training aid for you.

The Sc200 will have a very good impact on your game, especially with your scoring irons.

It’s a very cool golf training aid that you will love to use, especially if you can hit the long ball. It’s a lovely feeling when you hear the Sc200 voice say you hit a drive 280+ yards.

If you’re looking for advanced Trackman features, you wont get them with this device. However, if you want basic Trackman like info such as yardages, ball speed and club speed, etc, this is perfect for you. It doesn’t overload you with too much information to confuse you.


  • Small compact device
  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Fun to use, especially the ‘Approach Mode’
  • It really challenges you to become more consistent with your yardages
  • Allows you to collect club data.


  • Expensive
  • Sometimes fails to pick up your swing
  • Requires you to be at the range to really benefit from it

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