Garmin TruSwing Review – Does It Work? Can It Help Your Game?

Garmin TruSwing Review – Does It Work? Can It Help Your Game?

Garmin is one of the biggest names in game improvement technology. Garmin is most well known for their golf GPS watches. Swing analyzers are becoming more common among golfers to fine tune their swings. Little devices that golfers can use to analyse the key data in their swing, make adjustments and diagnose the issues. Garmin saw the opportunity in swing analyzers and brought out their own one that pairs with their well known reputable golf GPS watches. Here’s my Garmin TruSwing Review.

What Is The Garmin TruSwing?

The Garmin TruSwing is a small device that connects to golfer’s club shaft. The TruSwing collects key swing metrics including swing speed, swing tempo, swing path and club head angles at impact.

However, most other swing analyzers (reviews here) show their data on smartphones or tablets. What Garmin have done is use the same tech but present it in a more convenient way. Rather than go back and forth to your phone or tablet, Garmin TruSwing sends all the data right to your wrist on your Golf GPS watch.

TruSwing Key Features 

  • Swing Tempo
  • Swing Speed
  • Face to Target
  • Dynamic Loft
  • Shaft Angle
  • Club Path
  • Club Path Coordinates
  • Shaft Lean
  • Wrist Path Coordinates

Garmin TruSwing Review

Garmin TruSwing Review
Set Up

The Garmin is easy to set up. Simply click the device to your golf shaft just below your golf grip. Don’t worry it wont damage the irons or driver shaft. The Truswing has soft cushioning inside the clip to keep your clubs safe. Start swinging and the Truswing will collect data and send it to your watch or app via bluetooth.

One drawback is how careful and precise you need to be when attaching the device to your shaft. There’s a white line at the top of the device to help you align the device correctly. It’s a pity there’s no sensor to let you know on the app that the device is aligned correctly. Being off by a couple of degrees could affect the results, causing you to make incorrect swing changes.

TruSwing Data

The TruSwing does give you some excellent data that will highlight some problems in your swing. You can monitor key swing metrics such as swing tempo, swing speed, swing path and angle of attack.

Garmin uses 3D real time animations to show the swing metrics. I love this feature, it looks very high tech. From here you can clearly see the mistakes you are making.

One of the most important swing metrics you need to know is face angle at impact. If your face is not square at impact you leave yourself open to more error tee shots like slices (open face) and the dreaded snap hook (closed face). The TruSwing shows this info so well.


The TruSwing is compatible with the majority of the Garmin Approach Series watches. It’s quick and easy to see the data right there on your wrist. Personally I prefer this can continually looking at your smartphone. You can view your swing results in more detail after the range using the Garmin Connect app. All the swing data will be uploaded automatically via Bluetooth. But using the Truswing with the watch is great. Especially for swing speed and tempo. A quick glance at the Garmin watch and then swing away again. Really cool piece of technology it must be said.

Does The Garmin TruSwing Work?

Yes, the TruSwing worked for me very well. I tend to hit a high draw, which would often turn into a nasty hook, especially if my tempo was off.

The TruSwing showed me clear as day my key reasons I was doing this, especially when I snap hooked the ball. The TruSwing data showed me some the following info:

  • At impact my face angle was closed (leads to draw/hook)
  • My Swing path was coming from the inside (leads to draw/hook)
  • Tempo was 2-1 (not a good tempo)

Ok. The Garmin is great at showing me what I was doing wrong. I know my swing path was wrong and hitting the ball with a closed face at impact. What do I do to fix it? As good as the Garmin TruSwing is at showing the key swing metrics etc, its biggest drawback is the lack of solutions to fix the issues.

You will need to know how to read the swing metric data. It’s pretty easy really. You want everything as close to zero (0.0) as possible. For example you will see data for swing path, -2.5 degrees (closed at impact), +2.5 degrees (open at impact). You want your data to be 0.0 degrees (square at impact)

Once you know how to read the data, you will need to find the solutions for it. Youtube is probably the best way to do this. There are some brilliant online instructors that can help you with some swing solutions.

For me, with my swing path from the inside and closed face at impact, I would search drills for this on Youtube. For example – “Closed face at Impact”. You should be be shown a number of videos with swing tips and drills to fix this. I tend to listen to the videos with a lot of subscribers and good like/dislike ratio. This gives me and indication these guys know what they’re talking about.

My Favourite Feature – Swing Tempo

Garmin TruSwing Review

Have you ever watched the pros on the PGA Tour? You often hear commentators saying things like “effortless power, “excellent tempo”, “smooth swing” and so on. The players’ swings are fine tuned for maximum performance, but need great tempo to keep it all in sync.

I was a victim to bad swing tempo. It was by far my biggest weakness in golf. I tend to swing very fast, and my take away was way too fast. I found it difficult to find and maintain a good tempo. The Garmin TruSwing helped me fix this issue.

The Garmin TruSwing tries to get you to swing in the same tempo as the pros. We are looking for that smooth balanced swing that the pros can de with minimal effort. According to studies that pros have a 3-1 swing tempo.

As you swing your club with the Garmin Truswing, check your watch after each swing and monitor your tempo. Are you too fast? Or maybe you tempo is too slow. The Garmin TruSwing really helped with improve my tempo, consistency and overall ball striking.

Garmin TruSwing Review – Final Thoughts

The Garmin TruSwing is a great piece of technology. Paired with a Garmin GPS Watch, you can really improve your game. The 3d real time animation is pretty cool and shows you all the key swing metrics you need to diagnose your swing.

Remember, you do need a Garmin watch to get the best out of this. I suggest the Garmin Approach S60 (Review Here). The reason being the S60 is Garmin’s best performing watch and is designed to pair with the TruSwing. It shows you the 3D swing animation data that usually can only be seen on the Smartphone app.

The set up is easy for connecting the TruSwing to the GPS watch. I would like the set up for the attachment to be easier. You need to be sure you align the device perfectly or it can throw off your swing metrics. It can take time to do this. It’s kind of annoying at the range as you need to keep swinging with one club for awhile rather than hot a few different clubs, as you need to keep swapping the device. However, you just want the TruSwing to show you the key metrics to diagnose the issues. Once you know them you can apply the changes to your swing with or without the device.

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