Tom Tom Golfer 2 Review | Is It Worth The Money?

Tom Tom Golfer 2 Review | Is It Worth The Money?

Owning a golf watch is probably one of the best things any golfer can buy right now. Golf GPS watches offer key yardage info that can shave shots off your game and lower your scores. GPS watches have become more and more common. With that extra popularity, comes more models entering the market to choose from. I got my hands on a very popular golf watch from the brand TomTom (love the name). Here’s my full Tom Tom Golfer 2 Review

Tom Tom Golfer 2 Review

Tom Tom Golfer 2 Review

What Does TomTom Say about their golf watch?

Improve your game, round after round. The TomTom Golfer 2 GPS Watch shows you the best approach to the green, avoiding all hazards on over 40,000 courses worldwide. Now with automatic shot detection and post-game analysis you can drive your game to the next level 

Key Specs & Features

  • Accurate Yardages to Front, Middle & Back of Greens
  • Hazards & Bunker Yardages
  • Green View
  • Score Card Feature (Tracks Shots & Putts Per Hole)
  • Automatic Shot Detection
  • Post Round Analysis
  • Fitness Watch (Tracks Steps, Calories Burned)
  • Interchangeable Straps To Customise Look
  • Water Resistant

Tom Tom Golfer 2 Key Features

Ok I just gave you an idea of the all of the key features, the bells and whistles of the watch. But I’m here to tell you if this all works and after my Tom Tom Golfer 2


Tom Tom Golfer 2 Review

The TomTom 2 is a much better looking watch compared to its predecessor (TomTom 1). The latest model is somewhat revived.

The original watch was chunky and looked kind of dated, but in fairness most of the GPS watches at the time did. The TomTom 2 however is designed much better. It’s sleeker, cooler to look at, smaller on your wrist and overall just looks better.

It’s also much thinner compared the original model, this time around being only 13.7mm thick. Which in my opinion is still a little thick if I’m honest.

Other models like Garmin have really slimmed down their watches and you really notice the difference – Garmin Watch Reviews Here. But TomTom have offered 2 different sized straps (small & large) that allow you to customise your watch to look and feel right for you.

Ease Of Use

The TomTom 2 is very easy to use. If you are a person with big chunky fingers, well this may be a great option for you. The watch it controlled by the a square pad that aids with easy navigation.

When you turn up to your club in the morning, the watch should automatically pick up your course and you are ready to go. Unless you play at a very unknown course or par 3 style course, the TomTom should have you covered. The watch is preloaded with 40,000 courses globally.

The data is clearly presented in nice bold chunky text which I like by the way. I don’t need to zoom in with one eye closed and my mouth open trying to read the yardage. So if you wear glasses or have poor eyesight, this is a GPS watch you might consider.


Tom Tom Golfer 2 Review

OK! One of the main responsibilities of a golf GPS watch is to provide golfers with accurate yardages to the green and hazards.

Is the TomTom 2 golf watch accurate? I would say yes it is. It seems to provide accurate yardages to the front, middle and back of the green.

The hazard info is accurate, but I am not a huge fan of how its presented. I mentioned I like the black and white style text for yardages, but the hazard info looks extremely dated.

Personally I prefer the GPS watches that offer a little course overview so you can actually see what hazard they are talking about.

However hole overview features are usually part of the more premium models like the Garmin S60. You get the hazard info you need with the TomTom Golfer 2 but not as well as you’d like.

However, it’s not all bad, I really like the yardages the TomTom 2 provided for the hazards. A lot of watches would show you the yardage to the hazard, but not the carry distance, which is equally important.

Shot Tracking

Shot tracking is relatively new in the last few years. GPS watches are now starting to offer shot tracking capabilities to their GPS watches. TomTom 2 uses auto-detection to track each shot you hit. It will also tell you the distance you hit that shot by picking up where you hit your next shot.

The Tom Tom will pick up your swing automatically, it will notify you by vibrating a little. After your swing and follow through, it will vibrate again to let you know it picked up the shot. The watch will pick up one swing per location, so you don’t need to worry about multiple shots being detected.

If the watch happens to miss a shot, or maybe you need to hit another after hitting one out of bounds; simply place your palm on the screen and it will add a stroke for you. A nice little hassle free feature. I wouldn’t be too keen to press loads of buttons, flicking between screens etc after hitting a ball out of bounds. I would still be pissed after hitting it out of bounds.

Post Round Analysis

Once you have finished your round, simply pair the watch to your smartphone. The watch will sync all data to your golf round. From there you can see your stats like distances, GIR, fairways hit, putts per round, etc via the smartphone. This info will be saved and you can review and compare rounds whenever you like.

I love the post round analysis. The TomTom data gives you a real sky view map of the course, this is kind of nice and feels a lot more real and accurate. If there’s any additional shots thrown in there, you can delete them in this app.

It’s not the best golf GPS watch out there that offers post round analysis, but for the money you pay it’s really well priced watch that offers plenty for the money.

TomTom Golfer 2 Review

Things I Liked

  • Easy To Use
  • Big Clear Digits Makes it Easier to Read
  • Accurate Yardages
  • Nice Big Clear Watch Face
  • Offers Both GPS & Shot Tracking Capabilities
  • Auto Shot Detection
  • Scorecard Feature
  • Yardages to Both Front & Back of Hazards (a Nice Feature Rather Than Just The Front of the Hazard)
  • Everyday Fitness Tracker That Can Track Steps, Distance and Calories Burnt
  • Interchangeable Watch Straps Makes it a Little More Customisable
  • Nicely Priced

Thing I Didn’t Like

  • Even Though the TomTom 2 Thinner, it Still Looks a Little Chunky if I’m Honest
  • The Hazard Screen Info Looks Really Dated, Like Something From The 80’s. It Works, Just Looks Old
  • Battery Life – For a Non Color Screen I Expected a Little Longer Batter Life

Tom Tom Golfer 2 Review

Overall the TomTom Golfer 2 is a very good golf GPS. It’s not as advanced as other Golf GPS Watches; but a great budget friendly golf watch that performs well.

Even though it’s a budget watch, it still has some premium features like auto shot detection, score counting and very good port round analysis.

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