Garmin Approach X40 Review | 2 in 1 Fitness Watch & Golf GPS

Garmin Approach X40 Review | 2 in 1 Fitness Watch & Golf GPS

The Garmin Approach X40 is originally a fitness tracker who’s style rivals the ever so popular FitBit. However the X40 has excellent golf GPS capabilities and I couldn’t help but be intrigued. Here’s my full Garmin Approach X40 Review.

The Garmin X40 (Amazon Link) golf GPS watch is probably the best GPS watch available for both golf and other physical activities. It’s the perfect day to day fitness tracker and golf GPS watch pairing. For these reasons, it’s one of the most popular golf GPS watches currently available. 

Garmin X40 Review

The Garmin X40 looks absolutely amazing. It comes in variety of strap colours, with them all keeping the sleek black watch face. The design of the Garmin Approach X40 is a little but thicker than a Fitbit. However, I’m perfectly fine with that.

The X40 packs a plenty of technology into such a small watch when you compare it against some of the larger Garmin Golf Watches. It’s also a lot lighter than most other golf GPS watches, weighting a mere 31g.

Very Comfortable

Garmin Approach X40 Golf GPS Watch Review

Often times I find golfers get distracted by the technology packed into a watch and forget about the small things. For me, comfort is key. If I’m wearing a golf GPS watch for 4-5 hours during a round, I want it to be comfortable.

The Garmin X40 (SP Link) has one of the most comfortable watch bands available. The X40 strap is noticeably softer than other GPS watches and it really improved my overall experience and improved opinion during my Garmin Approach X40 review.

Garmin Approach X40 On The Course

Garmin Approach X40 Golf GPS Watch Review

OK, lets talk about the X40 out on the course. The Garmin X40 works extremely well out on the course.  The X40 will automatically know what hole you are playing and your yardage to the pin from your location.

The yardages appeared to be very accurate, clearly showing yardages to the front, middle and centre of the green.

Garmin X40 Hazard Info

You also get some excellent hazard information. On this screen you will see all the key hazards to avoid and yardages to bunkers and water hazards.

However I do recommend you read the manual as the graphics are quiet odd to understand. The use of small graphics is needed with the size of the screen however, it does the job quiet well once you look up what each graphic means.

X40 Green View Display

Garmin Approach X40 Review

I loved the Green View display. The Garmin Approach X40 (Amazon Link) shows you the exact outline of the green. I think this is important and especially handy for playing on new golfers courses.

The X40 goes one step further and allows you to move the pin around the green to a number of preset locations. At least with this feature you can get exact yardages to tight pins.

Many golf courses these days will have pin layouts provided to you. This is extremely useful if you are playing a golf course with very large greens.

An obvious example of this would be a links style course. On a links course, yardages to middle of the green and the pin is on the back right won’t be much help.

With the Approach X40, simply position the flag to one of the preset pin locations. This layout would be very similar to the Garmin S20.

I actually did a review putting the Garmin S20 vs Garmin X40 head to head that you might find interesting. Especially if you are stuck between the two.

Post Round Analysis

Like most Garmin golf GPS watches, the X40 has plenty post round features. out on the course, the X40 will use AutoShot. AutoShot will automatically tracks your shots during the round.

The X40 will also give you the distance you hit each shot. Other golf GPS models also have shot tracking ability, however they tend to inaccurate, often picking up practice swings.

This was not the case with the Approach x40. I found it very accurate and performed very well, only picking up my actual shots and only one of my practice swings.

However I must admit it picked up one of my practice swings from time to time if you do clip the ground a bit or catch the practice swing a little heavy.

The shot tracking abilities are great, but this info really shines in the excellent post round analysis Garmin Connect App.

Garmin Connect is a golf community created by Garmin to allow you to upload your round data and compare to past rounds and seek improvements in your game.

After you play a round, the data will upload automatically to Garmin Connect via bluetooth.

Detailed Statistics With Garmin Connect

Garmin X40 Review

Garmin Connect will also give you some detailed statistics of your game. For example fairways hit, greens in regulation and putts per hole. This info is clearly presented and will really highlight to key areas in your game where you are performing and well performing poorly.

What I love about the Garmin Connect is you can click on specific holes that went well and relive how you did it. For example, that rocket of a drive you hit up the 7th and where you hit to the 2nd shot with your pitching to 4ft.

Battery Life

The battery life is quiet good and capable of 2- 3 rounds of golf on a single charge. This is great. Many other golf GPS watches drain the battery on GPS mode. On normal mode (day to day non golfing GPS mode), the battery will last around 5 days.

The Garmin Approach can pair with your smartphone for calls and texts. Not much use to you while golfing but remember this can is also a day to day fitness tracking watch

X40 Works With Garmin TruSwing

The technology doesn’t stop there. Golf analysis technology has become extremely innovative and every couple of years the technology continues to blow our minds. The Garmin X40 is compatible with Garmin’s TruSwing Sensor.

The Garmin TruSwing Sensor is a golf swing plane training aid that you attached to your golf club shaft. The TruSwing will collect real time shot metrics of your golf swing. Metrics include swing speed, tempo, club path measurements and key club angles attacking the ball.

The key metric info can be seen right their on your wrist using your Garmin Approach X40.

You Can Check Out The Garmin TruSwing On Amazon Here.

Not Just A Golf GPS Watch

Garmin Approach X40 Review

The Garmin Approach X40 is perfect for anyone who is looking for a solid golf GPS watch with other fitness tracking capabilities outside of golf.

The Garmin Approach X40 is perfect for on and off the golf course. It’s nice Fitbit style is a direct competitor with FitBit and will appeal to a lot of users.

Garmin X40 Smartwatch

Garmin X40 Review

When doing my Garmin X40 review, I like how you can connect it to your smartphone to work as an everyday smartwatch.

The X40 connects to your phone via bluetooth to get alerts for calls, texts and emails.


  • Great battery life
  • Nice compact design, very similar to a FitBit
  • Auto shot detection
  • Garmin Connect Analysis
  • The Garmin Approach X40 is a day to day fitness tracker


  • Distances to hazards can look confusing
  • No Color Screen
  • The digital screen lacks the details other watches like the Garmin S60

Garmin Approach X40 Review – Final Verdict

Garmin Approach X40 Review

This golf GPS watch is a brilliant option for a golfer with an active lifestyle. It’s a very good golf GPS watch that performs well and can be used for other activities.

The X40 gives accurate yardage, has a great battery, and provides distances to the hazards along with shot tracking, scoring and statistics.

But what makes this GPS watch one of the best golf GPS watches is the additional technology that is jam packed into this small device. 

Not only does it measure your heart rate and offer activity tracking like a Fitbit, but it also provides the Garmin Connect technology allowing you to connect with the golf community around you. 

If you’re in the market for a high end golf GPS watch, but love the technology of a FitBit, this is the golf GPS watch for you.

You Can Find More Info About The Garmin X40 HERE

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