Best Golf Rangefinders – What Are My Options?

Best Golf Rangefinders – What Are My Options?

Ok, you want to find a yardage device but you are unsure where to start or what are the best golf rangefinders. Nowadays, you actually have plenty of options to choose from. I’m here to help you find the best golf rangefinder 2020.

What Is A Golf Rangefinder?

What Is A Golf Rangefinder?

A golf rangefinder is one of the most useful golfing accessories available on the market. Over the past couple of years Golf Rangefinders have grown in popularity.

Golf rangefinders can come in a variety of ways, such as laser rangefinders, golf GPS watches, handheld GPS devices and smart watches for golfing.

The best golf rangefinders are designed get you accurate yardages to your target such as the flag stick, bunkers, hazards, etc.

Each type of rangefinder has their pros & cons which we will go into in more detail below. I have a post already done comparing GPS watches vs laser rangefinders.

Having one of the best golf rangefinders in your bag will be one of the best decisions you could make. Read on to find out why.

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Best Golf Rangefinders To Buy?

best golf rangefinders

Below I will recommend what I think is the best golf rangefinder for a watch, laser rangefinder and handheld GPS.

I do have a best of list of each of these also done. Click the link below for more information on each one in a lot more detail. Generally each one will review and recommend 5 of the best golf rangefinders to choose from.

Best Golf GPS Watch – Garmin Approach S60

best golf rangefinders
Credit: Garmin Golf

The Garmin Approach S60 (Amazon Affiliate Link) is the best golf watch rangefinder you can buy.

The S60 is very accurate and precise with it’s distances to the green front, middle and back of the green.

You also get quick and precise yardages to greens, hazards and doglegs with each hole having a Birdseye view.

There are some nice features available on the Garmin S60. A nice handy feature I loved is the point it point yardages.

If you are on a long par 5 and want to leave the right yardage for a comfortable wedge shot. Simply tap the fairway on the map and drag the market t the desired yardage.

This is a nice feature that can be quiet useful especially if you are playing on a new course for the first time or a course loaded with bunker

The Garmin Approach S60 also comes loaded with 40,000 courses from around the world that updates for you for free; so need to worry about course changes or out dated information.


The Approach S60 is equipped with a stylish quick fit strap that allows you to customise your watch colours and style, from bright coloured silicone, fashionable leather or even a stainless steel type finish. 

You can also download different apps, watch face styles to really transform this watch into your own and suit your very own style.

Premium Features

The shot tracker abilities of this watch are truly amazing. It automatically records the location and distance of each detected shot and uploads it to your Garmin Connect account for post-round analysis. 

It’s swing tracking is very sensitive and precise, knowing what are practice swings and can even pick up small chips around the green. This allows you to review your game post golf and analyse you golf and pin point where you need to improve on.

The data collected and sent to Garmin Connect can also be used to compare against previous rounds to track your improvements.

You can also pair it with the Garmin TruSwing to get key swing metrics like swing speed, ball speed, swing path, tempo, etc.

Every Day Smartwatch

The Garmin Approach S60 is far more than golf a golf GPS watch. It is also a fantastic smartwatch. You can use this daily as a regular smartwatch and pair it with your phone via Bluetooth. You can receive all your calls, texts and emails and even check the weather for golf through your Garmin Approach S60.


  • Stylish watch
  • Comfortable
  • Customisable (digital watch faces, mobile, quick fit straps, etc)
  • Various features such as AutoShot, Quick Touch Yardages, Swing tempo, and post round analysis of each hole.
  • Excellent standalone smart watch that can be used daily


  • The battery drains too quickly. Fully charge for only 1 game of golf (GPS mode)

Please note that some of the links on are affiliate links.  I will earn a small commission if you decide to make a purchase from one of the websites I recommend. 

Best Golf  Laser Rangefinder – Precision Pro NX7

best golf rangefinders

If you have read some of my other posts, you will know I am a huge of the Precision Pro NX7.

The guys over at Precision Golf couldn’t understand why nobody was creating a decent rangefinder for a fair price. So they took the initiative and created their own.

We started with a simple question, “Why can’t anyone seem to make a quality rangefinder at a reasonable price?” There are plenty of rangefinders on the market, some are even excellent, but they’re overpriced. Our Isn’t.



The NX7 Pro Slope (Amazon Affiliate Link) is the coolest laser rangefinder on the market in my opinion. It’s loud and a little different. But there’s more to the NX7 Pro than just a cool looking design.

It has a great ergonomic design. They have built in no slip grips into the frame to allow golfers to have complete control and added comfort.


best golf rangefinders

The performance the Precision NX7 Pro Slope will surprise a lot of people considering the price of it. It’s packed with premium like features that are available in more expensive rangefinders.

I have actually compared he NX7 Pro to the Bushnell V4 Shift & Bushnell Pro X2. It puts the NX7 Pro up against two of the best golf rangefinders available, but also some of the more expensive. It’s well worth a read.

The NX7 Pro offers premium features like Adaptive Slope, Pulse Technology (Pin Lock), 1 Yard Accuracy

You should read my full review of the Precision Pro NX7 Slope. It goes in dept to why it’s one of the best golf rangefinders you can buy.


The NX7 Pro Slope (Amazon Affiliate Link) right now costs less than $250, this price probably makes it the best golf rangefinder for the money. Like I said already, I put the NX7 Pro head to head with the Bushnell Pro X2 and it held it’s own.

Not only did it hold it;s own, it’s more than half the price. I would read some reviews from users HERE on Amazon to see what golfers said about the Nx7 Pro.

Best Handheld Golf GPS Devices – Garmin S80

best golf rangefinders

If you are looking for one of the best golf rangefinders you can buy but also looking for that something extra, you should look at the Garmin S80.

What is the something extra you might be wondering? Well not only is the G80 one of the best rangefinders to buy, but it’s also a portable launch monitor.

I reviewed this recently in my handheld golf GPS list and it was my favourite of the lot.


The Garmin Approach G80 (Amazon Affiliate Link) is packed with so many cool features. You get high quality detailed maps with hole sky views to check each hole for key features like dog legs, fairway bunkers, hazards, etc.

You get accurate yardages to the front, middle and back of the green with an option to move the pin location manually using the touchscreen. This allows you to get the most accurate yardage possible.

Use the tab yardage feature to get accurate yardages to precise locations based on your location. This feature is brilliant. It can be used to check the carry distance of a hazard or bunker. It can also be used to get the yardage for a lay up on a par 5 or short par 4.

You can also track shots, scores and key statistics. This allows you to upload your stats to Garmin Connect App to monitor your game.

This feature will certainly highlight some key aspects of your game that are very good but also need improvement.

Portable Launch Monitor

types of rangefinders
Credit: Garmin Golf

Probably the coolest feature about the G80 is the portable launch monitor feature. It’s not the type of feature you’d expect on a rangefinder device is it?

The Garmin G80 (Amazon Affiliate Link) will track your club head speed, ball speed, smash factor, estimated distance and also your tempo.

For me the tempo and carry distance is the most important for me. I like using this before a round to really fine tune my tempo. I tend to get very quick in my swing for the first few holes until I warm up if I don’t hit a few shots before hand.

You don’t need a range to use this, a basic golf net will allow you to get your tempo right and hit your usual distances with your scoring irons at least.

I must mention however that it doesn’t give you swing metrics like swing path and face angle like you’d get on a trackman or top home simulator.

It’s still a pretty cool feature all the same, and without a doubt an excellent feature to what was already one of the best golf rangefinders available.


The Garmin Approach G80 (Amazon Affiliate Link) is a little costly. Like the Garmin G60 golf watch, when you are buying the best, it usually comes at a cost.

The Garmin G80 will set you back around $500. Not the cheapest I know, but probably the best golf rangefinder you can buy.

If you are keen on getting a handheld GPS, make sure to check out my updated best of list HERE.

Can A Golf Rangefinder Improve Your Golf?

best golf rangefinders

Data Collection

How far do you hit your 6 iron comfortably? Are you confident your answer is accurate? Do you really know or are you guessing?

A rangefinder is not only a yardage tool, it’s a data collecting device. After using a golf rangefinder for a few weeks you will begin to collect your own personal data and know your yardages with all your irons.

This data is collected in a number of ways depending on the golf rangefinder device you are using.

For example, most golf GPS watches can be connected to smartphones and computers for post round analysis.

For example the Garmin S60 can track shots and key stats and be reviews post round using the Garmin Connect App.

You can record and review how far you hit each shot, and the GPS watches can do this automatically.

Laser rangefinders won’t record this for you but after a few weeks you will no without thinking what club you need to hit that yardages after using the rangefinder on each shit. Or you can manually take note of each yardage.


Owning one of the best golf rangefinders will give you that extra confidence that you need. Owning one of the best golf rangefinders eliminates any uncertainty you have about the distance from you to the flag or a hazard.

This helps you choose the right club for the right shot. Instead of making a calculated guess, you can be 100% confident in your yardage and focus on choosing the right club for your yardage.

The best golf rangefinders are extremely useful if you are playing on a new course. Have you ever had to ask yourself the question “how far away is the water hazard?” or “will I carry that bunker on the fairway?”

These problems are quickly solved using golf rangefinders. When you are confident in your golf decisions, you play better golf. In this example a GPS watch or handheld golf GPS could be the best options.

Faster Play

Look and go. That’s all it is with golf rangefinders. It’s a quick look through your scope or a glance at your GPS watch. That’s how quick and easy it is to check your yardage.

How often would you find yourself looking for the 150 yard stick on the side of the fairway or marching 30 yards down the fairway for the 100 yard plate in the ground that’s barely visible.

This slows down play and can anger your playing partners in the group. It’s even more awkward when you stride out the 25 yards from the 100 yard market and duff it 20 yards, trust me I’ve been there!.

Lower Your Scores

The best golf rangefinders will allow you to make better decisions during your golf round. The better golf decisions you make, the better you will score. From collecting data for a few weeks using your golf rangefinder, you will know exactly how far you hit each club in your bag. You will know the distances to hazards, bunkers, out of bounds areas, key factors that can ruin your round.

Knowing your yardages is so important, especially if you plan on your lower scores. Rangefinders can save you a couple of shots each round. Taking the guess work out of each shot allowing you to focus on making a solid swing.

Please note that some of the links on are affiliate links.  I will earn a small commission if you decide to make a purchase from one of the websites I recommend. 

What is the Best Golf Rangefinder?

Like we mentioned, there’s a variety of golf rangefinders available on the market. But how do you define what is the best golf rangefinder for you?

You will need to decide on what type of rangefinder you want. You can choose from laser rangefinders , GPS Golf Watches, Handheld GPS Devices or even using your Smartphone Apps as a GPS rangefinder.

Golf GPS Watches

GPS watches are a great innovative golfing accessory that have lots of benefits that can’t be ignored.

Golf GPS watches can give you the distance from you to the front, middle and back of green, bunkers and major hazards.

Golf GPS watches offer golfers vital information that could make or break your round.

The best golf GPS watches on the market can offer you hazard information, overhead maps of the golf hole allowing to map out out your course management strategy.

The Garmin S60 is probably the best option available. This feature especially useful on courses you have never played before, with lots of dog legs, hazards and difficult holes.

GPS watches can also track shots, record key statistics for post round analysis and can also be used as smartwatches.

I have reviewed some of the best golf GPS watches here.

Golf Laser Rangefinders

Golf rangefinders are one of the most popular distance tools available to golfers.

With a golf range finder there is no need to download mobile apps, course maps or worry about the strength of satellite signals.

You simply take out the golf laser rangefinder, point towards the flag and BOOM you got your exact distance from your ball to the flag stick.

But that’s not all. The same technology can be pointed towards bunkers, hazards, etc.

Some of the more premium options will also give you Slope & Plays Like yardages. A Rangefinder with slope will display the actual yardage, but will also display the plays like yardage compensating for the increase or decrease in elevation.

Handheld GPS devices

Handheld GPS devices are very similar to GPS watches with the exception the larger screens allow for more information to be placed on the one screen, for example a sky view of each hole.

Basic models like the Garmin G10 & Bushnell Phantom (Reviewed HERE) provide you with yardages to the front, middle and back of the green and some key hazards.

More premium devices like the G80 and Sky Caddie SX500 models will give you additional info such as hole overviews, locations of hazards and bunkers on the map, fairway run off, etc.

Additional features of the best golf rangefinders also include score counters and data collection for post round analysis. 

Best Golf Rangefinders – Which Is Best For You?

 GPS Watches Pros & Cons

Golf GPS Watches Pros

GPS Golf watches are generally quicker use. They are constantly using your location and will automatically give you the distance to the front, centre and back of the greens. What makes it great is that it’s right there on your wrist. Have a quick look, 100 yards to the centre, done!

Golf GPS watches are extremely accurate. Even when compared side by side with the best laser range finders on the market, they are very closely matched.

GPS watches don’t slow down play. Laser rangefinders take much longer to use. Sometimes rangefinders find it difficult to pickup certain flags, especially with trees or bushed directly behind the flag stick and sometimes need to be checked two or three times to be sure the yardage is correct.

You can do Shot tracking and post round analysis with GPS golf watches. Most golf GPS watches come with software that allow you to review your round on your computer or smartphone. You can view your score, shots per hole, distance of each shot, number of putts etc. Garmin Golf GPS watches offer this via their Garmin Connect App.

With some of the better GPS watches you can view the golf hole layout, this is great for your golf course management to spot hidden bunkers or find your way around tough dog leg holes. The Garmin G30, Garmin G80 and SX500 are great examples.

Many golf GPS watches can be used as everyday fitness tracking watches or smart watches that can receive calls, texts, emails, etc.

Golf GPS Watches Cons

Getting distances to hazards can be difficult to use on some models and take a lot of time to get the info on your golf GPS watch. They require a lot of button pressing which can be annoying. However, if you buy one of the better options like G60, it only takes a few seconds.

If you want a simple tool to get only get distances to the green, then GPS watches may not be for you. As great as the technology is, some of the golf GPS watches have so many additional features that may not be used by some golfers.

Some golfers mightn’t be comfortable playing golf using a watch. Maybe a laser rangefinder or handheld GPS might be a better option.

Some holes will have discrepancies, although accurate for the most part. This isn’t as common anyway but still an issue the odd time. Laser rangefinders in this instance would be the better option as they are always accurate as long you are locked on to the right target.

Please note that some of the links on are affiliate links.  I will earn a small commission if you decide to make a purchase from one of the websites I recommend. 

 Golf Laser Rangefinders Pros & Cons

Credit: Nikon Golf

Golf Laser Rangefinders Pros

Laser rangefinders are extremely accurate and you can see the info yourself rather than relying on GPS info.

Laser Rangefinders can quickly get the distances to hazards, trees, etc. Golf GPS watches can take a lot longer to get this info and will cause slow play within shots.

Laser rangefinders are so simple to use. Simply aim at the flag and you have your yardage.

Golf Laser Rangefinders Cons

Laser rangefinders are expensive considering the technology. Golf GPS watches and Handheld Golf GPS devices offer far more features for similar prices.

Laser rangefinders can be difficult to use if you have shaky hands. The laser requires steady hands to remain focused on the target.

they can also be difficult at times to pick out the flagstick when there’s trees or bushes in the background. However, some of the best golf rangefinders like the NX7 Pro and Bushnell models rarely have this issue.

Laser rangefinder do not work very well in the rain or foggy conditions. The fog and rain can sometimes block the laser from reaching it’s target.

If you are set on getting a laser rangefinder and play a lot on the rain, maybe the Bushnell Hybrid could be an option a sit’s both a laser rangefinder and GPS built into one.

 Handheld Golf GPS Pros & Cons 

Handheld Golf GPS Pros

Like GPS watches, handheld devices are very quick and easy to use. They can be kept in your pocket or golf bag and only take seconds to use. A quick glance at the device and you have your yardage to the front, middle and back of the green.

I like how handheld GPS devices can be clipped on to your golf bag or carried in your pocket. If you aren’t a fan of wearing watches, they are a perfect option. Some models like the Garmin G10 (Amazon Affiliate Link) can be clipped to your belt buckle.

The premium options like the Garmin G30, G80 and SkyCaddie Sx500 offer some amazing maps and course detail. They are great for playing new courses and identifying dog loges and hazards.

Handheld devices in particular the SX500 have an excellent green view that will display the pin location and highlight the slopes/mounts and how far the pin in on from each side of the green.

With handheld golf GPS devices you can do so much more during and after your round with the best handheld golf GPS devices. You can track shots, scores and monitor statistics. You review this info afterwards to highlight parts of your game that need to improve – for example fairways hit, GIR, putting, etc. Shot and score counter

Handheld Golf GPS Cons

Some models can be very large like the G80 or SX500. These are smartphone size.

Rather than buying a separate device, a lot of similar technology is available as a smartphone or smartwatch app. For example using the App Watch with the Hole 19 App. More info on that HERE.

Some handheld GPS devices will have discrepancies. Although rare, some holes may be slightly off. SkyCaddie in fairness are brilliant as they physically walk every course and make sure the data they are showing is accurate.

Best Golf Rangefinders Reviews

Owning one of the best golf rangefinders will improve your golf game. Owning a rangefinder is probably the single best thing any golfer can do to improve their game quickly.

I hope this post helped you distinguish the type of golf rangefinder is right for you. I have summary post on type of rangefinder done already, if you check the header of this page you will see options for GPS golf watches, Laser Rangefinders and handheld GPS devices.

Take some time to find what’s right for you. If you are unsure of which one you like, I would also read through the Amazon reviews of each one to see what other golfers have to say about their purchases.

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