Best Golf Simulators Under 5000 Worth Considering

Best Golf Simulators Under 5000 Worth Considering

Golf simulators seem to be coming more common nowadays with more options now available to golfers other than the famous trackman. Golf simulators are the new big thing and they are back with a bang. I selected what I feel are the best golf simulators under 5000.

Best Golf Simulators Under 5000

Best Golf Simulator Under 5000

I am going to keep this post pretty simple and keep my recommendations limited. The reason being there’s only two options I’m recommending you consider; and they’re both the same brand.

The reason being is there’s point in given you a list of golf simulators that can be under 5000 but aren’t worth your time and money.

Let’s be honest, if you are looking for a simulator under 5000, you have a bit of money to spend and you want a good product that can be enjoyable and improve your game. Otherwise you would be searching for best golf simulators under 500, wouldn’t you?

But let’s jump right in – here are my best golf simulator under 5000 recommendations. You can also jump over to Rain or Shine Golf for the best deals HERE.

SkyTrak – Home Series Package

Best Golf Simulator for home
Credit: Rain or Shine Golf

The SkyTrack Home Series simulator sits just around the middle in our budget for golf simulators under 5000. Coming in around $3,100, the SkyTrack home series is one of the best options available to you.

What Do You Get?

Best Golf Simulator for garage
Credit: Rain or Shine Golf
  • SkyTrak Launch Monitor
  • WGT Play & Improve Plan
  • Home Series Net
  • 6×6 Home Turf Mat
  • SkyTrak Metal Protective Case

Launch Monitor

This is a proper golf simulator that you can be proud of. It’s the most affordable golf simulator for your home that doesn’t slack in performance.

With the SkyTrak you get accurate and realistic swing metrics such as swings speed, launch angle, spin rate, club face angle and more. This shows you real distances and shot shape.

The launch monitor can be used with iPads, Android tablets and also PC’s. Once you hit your shot, the golf shot and shape will show up on your device, giving you instant feedback.

Net Return Home Series Net

The Net Return Home Series will return the golf ball to you after every shot. This might sound a little silly, but it’s not. Have you ever gone to a golf shop to test a new driver or maybe get a fitting? 9/10 you have to go up to the screen to retrieve the ball each time.

The Net Return is a nice little feature that just makes the experience of a golf simulator for home that bit more enjoyable.  These nets are premium hand made quality that are designed to last years of use.

6×6 Home Turf Mat

The Home Turf Mat is also designed by Net Return and works both indoors and outdoors. It’s a good sized turf mat that isn’t one of those crappy 1 ft square blocks half an inch off the ground. This is a proper turf mat that you can be proud of and will enjoy using.

Check The Price HERE

How Does the SkyTrak Work?

Does the Sky Trak Work?
Credit: Rain or Shine Golf

You will be required to subscribe to an annual plan, I would use the ‘Play & Improve Plan‘ (+$249). It’s really is pretty amazing and the most fun with plenty of features.

Have you ever watched those YouTubers Rick Shields and Peter Finch and the amazing set ups they have? Well it’s close to that but right in your very own home.

The Play & Improve Plan is not only beneficial for your game but also makes it more fun. It allows you to get the maximum benefit from your golf simulator.

Features Include:

  • Multi Colour Shot Tracers (Useful for trying different swings/clubs)
  • Numeric Displays
  • Session History (good for comparing results)
  • Target Practice
  • Multiple camera angles
  • Club compare & Bag mapping
best golf simulator under 5000

There’s also come pretty cool games that can be played (on your own or with friends). These can be quiet fun if you have some buddies call over.

  • Long Drive Competition
  • Nearest to the pin

SkyTrak Platinum Series Package

Best Golf Simulators Under 5000
Credit: Rain or Shine Golf

Ok now we are really stepping up the mark. I know this post was supposed to be about the best golf simulators under 5000, but this is so close to 5000 and is too good to not mention. It’s any golfers dream addition to have at home, in your man cave or garage.

The SkyTrak Platinum series takes is the best golf simulator you can get for around 5000. You are getting a high quality launch monitor, but more importantly, you are getting an amazing screen to watch your flight path and info right in front of you.

I know the home package does the same thing, but having the screen in front of me and being able to watch the shots fly rather than turning around and looking at an iPad or PC just means a lot more to me.

But, as you imagine, these extra features will come at a cost, but I am going to walk you through them now.

The SkyTrak Platinum was voted by Golf Digest as the Best Value Golf Simulator for 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Check The Price HERE

What Am I Getting With the SkyTrak Platinum?

Best Golf Simulators Under 5000
Credit: Top Shelf Golf

If you are buying from Rain or Shine Golf, you can build the right package for you, but I am going to build one for you here.

  • SkyTrak Launch Monitor
  • WGT Play & Improve Plan
  • Net Return Simulator & Screen
  • Projector Mount Kit
  • 6×6 Home Turf Mat
  • SkyTrak Metal Protective Case

*I should note however that a projector is not included in this package. You will need to get a short throw projector in order to view the shots on the simulator screen. I would recommend the Optoma Short Projector – You can get it on amazon HERE.

The simulator packages available are the same as the Home Series above and again I would recommend the Game Improvement Package that costs $249 annually.

The reason I recommend this one is it really is the most enjoyable package and if you are going all out with the golf screen simulator, it can be so much fun to play.

Is SkyTrak Worth the Money?

I would say yes. When you compare the price of the SkyTrak packages to Trackman, there’s a huge difference. An indoor trackman simulator will cost you just shy of $19,000, compared to the SkyTrak between $2500 – $5000 (depending on your configuration).

SkyTrak is more expensive than a lot of the smaller golf simulators, but the performance and enjoyment is nowhere close to. I will do another post at a later stage recommending the best golf simulators under $1000 at a later stage.

Check The Price HERE

Are Golf Simulators Worth It?

This will largely depend on the golfer and how serious you are about your game. They aren’t cheap, well the proper ones at least – but are golf simulators worth it? I would say yes. I will explain why.

When buying one of the best golf simulators under 5000; it’s save to say you love golf and are committed to it. If you put the time in and you use your golf simulator, you can really improve your game tremendously.

Having a golf simulator for home use, you can practice anytime you like rain or shine. Winter for me is where you will see get the most benefit from buying a golf simulator. If you have cold winters where your course could have limited play or closed due to snow, you can benefit from owning a simulator.

Working on a new swing is also very hard to do. Have you had a golf lesson before and the new swing works great on the range, but it’s hard to move that swing to the course? Well a lot of this is down to muscle memory and the lack of it. By owning a golf simulator for home use, you will be able to ingrain your new and improved swing by practicing it a little each day.

You are also saving a lot of money on range balls alone. If you tend to go to the range at least once a week, you can do the math on that yourself on how much you’re saving.

How High of a Ceiling Do You Need For a Golf Simulator?

The Minimum room size recommended for the SkyTrak Simulators is 9ft high, 10ft wide and 12ft long. A lot of people like to use these golf simulators in their garage if they don’t have a room available for them.

Does SkyTrak Work For Lefties?

Does SkyTrak Work For Lefties?

Yes, the SkyTrak will work for left handed golfers. You need to make sure the software is set for a left handed swing. Otherwise you are going to get some crazy swing metrics

Best Golf Simulators Under 5000

Best Golf Simulators Under 5000
Credit: Rain or Shine Golf

Now you may have noticed I didn’t list off a crazy amount of options. I could’ve listed about 10 golf simulators under 5000, but I wanted to list the ones worth buying.

If you are willing to spend around 5000 on a simulator, you need to make sure you are buying something worth while that will improve your game.

The two options provided in my opinion are the best indoor golf simulators under 5000 you should consider.

I know they are both by SkyTrak are essentially different packages of the same device. But they do offer different experiences and prices for you to compare which is right for you.

Check The Price HERE


Please note that some of the links on are affiliate links.  I will earn a small commission if you decide to make a purchase from one of the websites I recommend.  These commissions allow me to purchase and test products that I recommend. I only recommend products I believe in and don’t get paid any money to post about products. Please research each company before making a final purchase and only buy if you really believe the product or service can help you achieve your desired end result.

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