Eyeline Speed Trap Review – Does It Work?

Eyeline Speed Trap Review – Does It Work?

Every couple years there’s a golf training aids that takes the golf world by storm. Nowadays, training aids seem to getting more and more technical. I like to use training aids to fix the swing basics and don’t get too technical. The Eyeline Speed Trap is a golf training aid that aims to help golfers correct their swing path and ball striking to hit the ball further and straighter.

Eyeline Speed Trap ReviewHow Is This achieved?

  • Trapping The Golf Ball At Impact: Catching the ball first then the ground creates a nice solid ball strike with tons of spin.
  • Swinging The Club On Plane: Swinging the club on plane will get you hitting the club face square and hitting the golf ball longer and straighter. When you learn to swing the club between the Speed Rods, your club will be on plane and on path. Great for eliminating a slice or hook and ultimately leading to straighter longer shots.

One of the most common problems golfers suffer from is hooking and slicing the ball. These are mostly caused due to the golfers swing plane. For example, slicing the golf ball would be caused by an out-to-in swing path. Inevitably resulting in a loss in distance and control off the tee.




How Do You Use The Eyeline Speed Trap?

Eyeline Speed Trap ReviewThe Eyeline Speed Trap is so easy to use. Simply aim the plate down your target line. Place tees in the holes to secure the Eyeline plate to the ground. Simply place the 4 rods to the velcro circles on each corner. The rods will naturally face you at an angle. Once you set up the rods, just double check that the target line is correct and your intended target.

At the beginning, place the rods at widest possible position, this will get you used to the swing pah. After you use it a number of times you can perfect the swing plane, narrowing the rods closer together, forcing a precision golf swing. Lower handicap golfers will probably prefer to work as narrowly as possible, training them to swing on the correct plane continuously.

Like I said, the Eyeline Speed trap is great for correcting your swing plane. If you slice the ball, you can set up the rods to force and in-to-out swing, this will help golders draw the ball and cancel out their slice. You can use the opposite way if you tend to hook the ball.

The Speed Trap is extremely simple to use but very effective, if you are using it on the grass make sure you align the white target line to your desired location and place two tees in the holes to secure it to the ground. If you are on the range make sure the white target line is aimed at your target every time.

Depending on what you desire to improve position the removable Velcro speed rods in the formation you desire, you can use all four or just one depending on your objective. You can also adjust the width of the speed rods to make practice a little easier or more difficult, this again is dependent on the level of ability or what you are trying to improve.

How Can The Eyeline Speed Trap Fix My Slice?

Eyeline Speed Trap ReviewYes, the Eyeline Speed Trap. By placing a speed rod inside your left foot (if you are right handed) and another rod at the back right corner. This will promote an in-to-out swing path that will help you hit a draw, fighting your slice. See in the image on the left.

How Can The Eyeline Speed Trap Fix My Hook?

Yes, the Eyeline Speed Trap can fix that horrible hook shot. You will set up the opposite to way to fight the slice. You will place one speed rod inside your right foot on back of the plate and another at the opposite top corner. This will promote an out-to-in swing that helps you fade the ball.

How Can The Eyeline Speed Trap Help Me Hit The Ball Straight?

Eyeline Speed Trap ReviewHaving the club on the correct swing plane coming into the ball is just as important as the club path after striking the ball during the follow through. Personally I prefer to practice using all four rods. This keeps things simple and has a ‘Back To Basics’ swing approach.¬† By practicing with all four rods and placing them as closely as possible together will help you hit the ball straight consistently. The two rods at the back of the EyeLine Speed trap will have you on the correct path coming into the ball. While the 2 rods in the front will keep you on the correct swing path after striking the ball.

Does The Eyeline Speed Trap Improve My Chipping & Pitching?

The Eyeline Speed Trap is an excellent training aid for helping you hit better pitch shots. Using the Speed Trap, you have to attack the ball at the correct angle to squeeze out the ball for a nice piercing flight that generates plenty of spin. If you come in a little too flat you will hit the edge of the plate. A handy tool if you tend to hit a lot of shots heavy. I usually practice this without the speed rods and try and focus more on the angle of attack.

At the beginning you can place the ball further away from the edge to get used to the type of shot. But as you progress move it back more and more, eventually attacking the ball at an aggressive angle hitting perfect crisp shots with tonnes of spin.

Does The Eyeline Speed Trap Work?

The reason I tested the Eyeline Speed Trap was to help me with my swing plane. I struggle to consistently swing on the correct plane and would often slice or hook some golf shots. I found a massive difference with my driver. My driving is probably the most inconsistent club and probably the hardest to swing on the correct plane. After using the Speed Trap for about a month on the range I feel extremely confident with the big stick. I even found I was able to shape my shots a lot easier. It’s an amazing feeling being able to play for a small fade or draw and actually pulling it off.

I would 100% recommend this product for anyone who struggles with their swing plane and precision striking of the ball. If you slice the ball, GET IT! If you hook the ball, GET IT! You will not be disappointed. It will help you hit the ball longer and straighter.

One major issue I have with the Eyeline Speed Trap is the price. Don’t get me wrong it’s an excellent product and it does work, but the price is quiet high for a plastic plate and some foam rods. However, it’s designed to help you improve your game and it does that very well. You’ll make sure money back in the golf balls you’ll save.





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