Best Golf Training Aids – Which Ones Actually Work?

Best Golf Training Aids – Which Ones Actually Work?

What are the best golf training aids? It’s a hard question to ask. Nowadays, there’s so many training aids out there for all aspects of the golf game, such as full swing, putting, tempo, etc. In this article i outlined a more broad selection of training aids.

What makes a great golf training aid? A training aid that’s simple to use and does what it’s suppose to do. I have compiled a list of what I feel are the best golf training aids that do what they are designed to do and will do help you lower your scores and handicaps.

Alignment Rods

golf alignment rodsAlignment rods are one of the best golf training aids without questions. Alignment rods are one of the easiest, cheapest and also most overlooked training aids. Without good alignment, your golf game will struggle, simple.

Golfers will go to the range, and try and fix swing paths, grips, ball position and so on, without even considering their alignment. Alignment rods are like a back basics training aid. Put don’t think of them like that. Think of them as the foundation to a solid swing. If you watch any professional out on the range, you will see the majority of them using alignment rods. If Tiger Woods is using them, I think you should be too.

Why Is Alignment Important?

Alignment refers to the aim position of the golf club and your feet to the target. Correct alignment is your club head facing down the target line and your feet parallel to left of the target or right of the target if you left handed. Poor alignment will occur when the club face, golfers feet, or in many cases both are pointed the wrong side of the intended target line.

It is important to note that the “target line” does not necessarily refer to the middle of the fairway or the location of the cup.  In fact, rarely will you want to aim right at your final target and try to hit a dead-straight shot.  More often, you will be compensating one way or another by selecting a target line that allows the ball to move in the air.  There are a few reasons why you may want to aim off to the side of your eventual target when setting up for a shot:

  • Shaping The Ball: Believe it or not one of the hardest things to do in golf in hit the ball straight. In fact, most pro golfers will rarely play for a straight shot. Pro golfers will usually aim to play a draw or fade.  Shaping your golf shots is an excellent way to hit tight pins or shape your drive around a corner.
  • Hitting Greens: Hitting Greens In Regulation (GIR) is so important for lower your scores. Even hitting a green might not be good enough if you are 40ft away and in dangerous 3 putt territory. If you are correctly aligned to your target and know your distances you increase your chances of getting close to the pin and hopefully make some pars. Have you ever hit a brilliant irons shot, but it ends up right of the green, only to look down at your feet and realize you are aiming 3o feet right of the green. Well I have. Golf alignment rods will help train you to set up correctly and avoid this.
  • Hitting Fairways: It so important to make sure you are aligned correctly when teeing off. When using a driver, it’s very easy to set up in correctly off the tee, especially with a driver. Using a wide stance, it’s common for golfers to set up with a closed or open stance causing a hook or slice. This can be avoided with alignment sticks.

How Do Yo Use Alignment sticks?

Alignment sticks are simply a pair of slender sticks that can be placed on the ground or pushed into the ground. Alignment sticks key purpose are to provide golfers with a visual aid to align their body and club face at address. Alignment sticks are more commonly used on the range. You cant use these out on the course during competition play. At the driving range is where alignment sticks pay off. Alignment sticks will train your body to naturally set up correctly to the target. The practice at the range using the alignment sticks will pay off on the course.

Alignment sticks are most commonly used being placed on the ground, one on the target line and one on your feet line with both sticks parallel to each other.

Here’s a Drill You Can try with any driver, wood, long iron or even wedge.

  1.  Pick out a target on the range. I suggest starting with a pitching wedge and work your way down from there. By starting with a wedge, you will focus on a smooth controlled swing, whereas if you use a driver you will want to smash as hard as you can.
  2. Place a golf ball down on the ground and set up address it. This gives you an idea where to place the alignment sticks.
  3. Place 1 stick down the line of the target, and place the other stick parallel to the target line with the stick just outside your toe-line.
  4. Place the second stick parallel to the first so you can align your toes with it.  You might need to stand in an address position to judge how far away to place the stick.
  5. Step back behind the ball and make sure your alignments sticks are set up correctly.
  6.  Use the sticks and address the ball. It might be feel a little weird as if you are not aiming correctly, but trust me trust the alignment sticks.
  7. after hitting a few shots you will become more comfortable and wonder why you haven’t used alignment sticks before. Or in my case wondering where the hell have I been aiming my golf ball with the last few years haha.

Advanced Golfer Drills

If you are a more advanced golfer like a single figure handicap golfer, you can use alignment sticks to help improve your ball flight skills. It’s a great advantage if you know how to shape the golf ball. Using some quick simple drills the Alignment sticks can help you to draw and face the golf ball. By opening the the alignment stick on the toe line a little and leaving the target line stick aimed at the target you should be able to hit a little fade. The same goes for hitting a draw if you close the toe-line alignment stick a little.

Where Do I Find Golf Alignment Sticks?

Generally speaking, golf alignment sticks can be purchased through just about any golf equipment supplier.  Here are just a few that I recommend:

  • Amazon – Check The Price On Amazon Here
  • eBay – Check The Price On eBay Here


Swingyde Training Aid

What is the Swingyde?

To put it simply, the Swingyde is a lightweight plastic device that you attach to the grip of your golf club, it’s key purpose is to train you to correctly hinge your wrists at the top of the back swing and maintain the correct club face alignment.  and is designed to train your wrist hinge and face alignment throughout your swing.

How does the Swingyde Work?

Swingyde TrainerOne end of the Swingyde clamps onto the end of your golf club grip. The opposite end will angle towards your wrists, with a small hollow edge to fit your forearm just above your wrists. It’s very easy to use form there.

By following the instruction provided you should correctly fit the Swingyde. It might look a little awkward looking down on the Swingyde. But don’t worry, after a few shots you wont even notice it. Begin by hitting some easy golf shots. I suggest a high mid-iron like an 8 or made 9 iron. Pick one that you like because you don’t want to be constantly attaching and reattaching it to different clubs all day.

If there’s any lefties out there, don’t worry it works the same for both left & right handed golfers.

Is The SwingGyde Any Good?

The Swingyde is designed to fix the swing and and swing plane. If you dent to over or under swing the Swingyde can help you. Over swinging is common among younger golfers trying to grip it and rip it. Over swinging makes the swing plain difficult to control and keep the club face square. Unless your John Daly, who’s famous for his bright pants and massive over swing

How much Is the Swingyde?

Swingyde can be purchased for around $34.95. You can also but similar copies online however they do not include the training DVD. Personally i think you need the DVD in order to learn how to set this up correctly and benefit from the drills


  • Very popular on a global scale
  • Easy to use
  • Works great if you are specifically want to train a square clubface at the top, or shorten your backswing


  • Takes time to reattaches to different clubs
  • Only fixes one key problem in your swing. In this case the hinge at the top swing.

Swingyde – Final verdict

The Swingyde is a very simple and is used by the 1000’s of professional & amateur golfers around the world. This is designed to tackle problems at the top swing. If you are looking for a more comprehensive or complete swing training tool you might need to look at other options. However, the Swingyde does what it was designed to do and will benefit any golfer regardless of skill level.

Hole More Putts Tablet Review

No matter your skill level as a golfer, we all miss putts and would like to make more putts. Putting is probably the most overlooked part of golfers game. Countless golfers will spend hours on the range smashing drives and irons. That’s great an all but unless you can hole some putts your golf scores wont improve. Putting is one of the quickest ways to improve your golf and lower your scores. The Hole More Putts tablet is one of the best golf training aids available.

How Does It work?

The Hole More Putts records all the key movements during your putting stroke. Based on your putting stroke, the tablet will give you tips on how to improve the stroke. Think of it like a Trackman for putting. The Hole More Putts tablet looks amazing. It’s small and compact that can be brought anywhere really. You don’t need to use this on the putting green. This can easily be used in you living room or at work in the office.

How Do You Use The Hole More Putts Tablet?

The Hole More Putts App also gives you the specific drills you should practice on for each factor identified.

  • Place the Tablet on the putting green or floor
  • Line the tablet up with your target.
  • Press the power button and then press O centre spot .
  • Place a ball on the centre spot 
  • Address the ball with your putting stance.
  • When the light turns from flashing Red to steady Green, take your putt.

The tablet comes with comes with a step by step guide to help you set it up correctly. You will be instructed to download their application to your smartphone or tablet. The app is free of charge. It allows you to upload your putting data using your smartphone or tablet to view your data and analyse your putting stroke in detail.

The ‘Members Area’ of the Hole More Putts Website provides you with a trend analysis of your last 5 putting sets. Each set of 5 can be analysed in detail. The information and feedback is excellent showing the five key elements of the putting stroke – face angle, impact point, path, speed and attack angle. It can actually get quiet addictive and I became obsessive trying to meet my scores each time.

Hole More Putts review – Final Verdict

For a high handicap golfer, it might be a case of information overload. If you are a single figure player or a club professional the data will make sense and you can tweak your putting stroke to improve your putting. This is a great device but you need to be serious about golf. The information the device provides is excellent and will definitely help you improve your stroke to score more putts. However all this info will come at a cost. If you are a club professional who coaches or gives lessons, this will be a great tool as a teaching aid. It’s a great tool that will test you and drag you into a competition with yourself constantly trying to perfect your score.  One of the best golf raining aids available, but aimed more at professional use rather than amatuer use.


Arccos 360 Tracking System Review

What is the Arccos 360?

Arccos 360 is an analytics system that tracks every shot you hit on a golf course and provides data about all of your rounds.  The Arccos 360 is a upgrade from their previous model the ‘Arccos Golf’.  The Arccos 360 comes with a GPS rangefinder device to give you distances to front, centre and back of the green.

How Does It Work?

The Arccos 360 comes with 14 sensors. 13 regular sensors and 1 putter sensor. The sensors screw into the end of the grip of your clubs. The sensors pair with your smartphone via high frequency waves and bluetooth. You will need to pair each club with your smartphone.

The Arccos 360 works great. There’s no extra work to do on the course. When you hit your shots out on the course, it will detect it on the app. Throughout the round it uses your phone’s GPS to track where you are on the course, and then the sensors relay that information back to the free app on your phone. The only downside is that your phone needs to stay in your pocket. Not a deal breaker but can be annoying if you have a large smartphone. After you finish your round, all your round info has been synced to your Arccos account.

What Does the Arccos 360 Track?

Here are just a handful of the things Arccos tracks during every round:

  • % of greens hit and where your misses are (front, back, left, right)
  • % of fairways hit and where you miss
  • Distances
  • Number of putts
  • Sand saves
  • Up and downs
  • Eagles, birdies, pars, bogeys, double +
  • Average drive distance
  • Avg. distance to pin on approaches

On the plus side the accuracy of the Arccos 360 sensors is good, probably because they are larger than most, and the ‘hands free’ collection of data during the game is still a key benefit, especially for those who don’t want to wear a device on their wrist.

It does this by providing you a handicap number for 5 different metrics. This allows you to really see over time what your strengths and weaknesses are.

  • Driving
  • Putting
  • Chipping
  • Sand
  • Approach

The app gives you a ton of useful data, but the online dashboard really allows you to dig in and see graphs, scatter charts and more. You can truly see how you performed on every single shot.

The GPS rangefinder I’ve found to work great, and give very accurate results. You can also select any point on the hole, and it will give you “to the yard” distances as well. So if you need to know how far it is to carry a hazard, that info is there. Although I do wish they actually displayed those numbers in text form like

I have a few issues wit the Arccos 360. Having my phone in my pocket constantly was annoying. I personally like to leave my phone in the golf bag. I feel my phone is too chunky with in my pocket with the Otterbox case I have on my iPhone. Not a deal breaker for many golfers but it might put off some golfers.

It’s also quiet expensive. When compared next to the Game Golf tracking system the Arccos 360 is a bit expensive. The Game Golf tracking system is available for about $100 less. But is it worth the money? YES

Arccos 360 Tracking System – Final Verdict

The Arccos 360 isn’t perfect, but the information that it provides can dramatically improve your golf. It’s one of the best golf training aids available. The information it provides lays out your entire golf game and highlights where you need to improve. I love the handicap ratings it provides for the 5 key metrics such as driving, putting, etc.

Sklz Gold Flex Trainer

The Sklz Gold Flex Trainer is one of the best golf training aids. It’s designed to improve your swing by  while providing encourages a flatter swing plane and forces the downswing to be initiated by the lower body. It’ also used an exercising tool to help golfers train their key golf muscles.

The SKLZ Gold Flex Trainer is both a training aid and warm up tool. It focusses on the key sing movements from the top swing accelerating through the ball and a full follow through swing motion.

How Does It Work?

The SKLZ Gold Flex is a 48” fishing rod style (whippie) shaft with a heavy ball at the end of the shaft. When you reach the top of your backswing, the SKLZ Gold Flex helps you with your tempo preventing you your arms and upper body from starting the swing too early. The SKLZ Gold Flex is great at warming up your muscles before each round and get a controlled tempo and acceleration through the ball.

Having the correct golf grip is crucial to having a good swing. The Golf Flex is one of the best golf training aids for helping you with your grip. There are hand placement guidelines right on the grip so you know how to correctly grip the club.

It’s good to note also that the SKLZ Golf trainer is legal to keep in your golf bag. However you can’t use it out on the course. It’s great that you can keep it in your bag. I’d hate to use it out on the range an have to go back and put in into your car or golf locker.

SKLZ Gold Flex – Final Verdict

The SKLZ Gold Flex is one of the best golf training aids. It will help you with your swing tempo, swing plane and acceleration through the golf ball. It’s also a great tool for warming up before your round of golf, warming up your key swing muscles to avoid injury and stiffness. Using the SKLZ Gold Flex daily will help you keep your swing in check.

SkyCaddie SkyPro Review

First of all, what is the SkyCaddie SkyPro? The SkyPro is a small transmitter that your attache to the shaft of your golf club. It collects data point throughout your golf swing, sends the info via Bluetooth to your smartphone and post round analysis.

Here’s what Sky Pro have to say: “SkyPro is a new way to improve your golf swing.  It is a small sensor that fits imperceptibly below your grip and monitors your club’s motion during a swing.  This information is then transmitted wirelessy to your smartphone or tablet, which provides instant feedback on key features of your swing.  Make practice meaningful, and have more fun too, with SkyPro” – Reference

The device is small and compact, weighing only 23.5 grams and 1.8 inches in length. It’s easily attached to your golf club by using the screw clip for quick and easy changing from club to club.

What’s In the Box?

  • Sky Pro Swing Sensor
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery
  • USB charging dock/case

The SkyPro charges vert quickly (2 hours for full charge). The SkyPro uses sensors to know when it’s being used and will last for around 30 hours between charges. SkyPro says it can last for 8 hours of continuous use. This is more than enough time for your to fix your swing on the range.

What Info Does The Skypro Provide?

SkyPro doesn’t just give you feedback, it gives you information on the issues to address during your practice session on range or out on the course. Using SkyPro’s ‘checkpoint system’, they will provide you information to fix your swing faults using easy to understand analysis.

  • Swing checkpoints – Key Information about your club’s position at throughout the swing and highlight any unusual swing activity
  • 3D Swing view
  • Compare current swing with past perfect swings
  • View in full or reduced speed
  • Zoom in on key swing points

How Does It Work?

Once you open your SkyCaddie SkyPro Swing Analyser, the first thing to do is charge the unit to 100%. Next thing to do is download the mobile app for your smartphone or tablet. Don’t worry, SkyPro supports both iPhone & Android devices. The App is also free of charge with no subscription fees.

After you have charged the device and downloaded the app it’s time to out it to use.

Step 1: Start up the mobile app and enable Bluetooth

Step 2: Attach the device to your club

Step 3: Enter which club you are using i.e wood, iron or putter

Step 4: Start swinging and collecting data

Step 5: Check your swing analysis on your mobile device

One of the worst things in golf is bad habits. Bad habits in your golf swing are very hard to get rid of. The SkyPro is one of the best golf training aids for getting rid of your bad habits. The feedback the SkyCaddie SkyPro provides will help you get rid of your bad habits while practicing and maintaining your good habits. Without some feedback on your golf swing your have no idea are practice a good or bad swing consistently.  SkyPro provides golfers with detailed information on your swing to help you make quick easy adjustments.

On the App you will see the main screen that shows you the swing speed and path of each swing you made. You can view the info in 3 angles front behind, sky view and side view.  Each swing has 5 key checkpoints where you can dial in and view key information like club head speed, club face angle, swing length and shaft angle. After each swing you will see the Alerts tab. What the alerts do is highlight the problems in your swing that could do with some adjustments. This is great, but what makes the SkyPro one of the best golf training aids is it helps you to fix the issues.

How Does The SkyPro Fix my swing?

In the SkyPro mobile App there’s a section called ‘Groove’. In the Groove area you can select parts of the swing where you have been alerted needs improvements. You can work on specific swing movements. You set a goal for the swing exercise and the app will help you reach that goal. For example your swing tempo is too quick. You set the desired swing tempo goal and try to achieve it with the help of the app. The SkyPro is one of the best golf training aids out there because it provides simple but thorough data analysis through stats and visual video aids. In my opinion it’s the next best thing to having a Pro standing behind you.

Does The SkyPro It Work with Putting?

Yes. The SkyPro works with your putter the same way it works with rest of your clubs. The SkyPro provides in depth analysis of your putting stroke such as speed, face angle, stroke path, shaft lean and of course tempo.

SkyCaddy SkyPro – Final Verdict

The SkyCaddie SkyPro is without question one of the best golf training aids currently available. It’s the next best thing to having a golf lesson. What i love is how the SkyPro analyses your full swing  and alerts you where you need to make some changes. You easily pin point the key problem areas and work on fixing them  But the SkyPro offers you that bit more by showing your how to make little tweaks to perfect you swing. The in depth analysis provides easy to understand stats and videos showing the key areas to work on to really get rid of those bad habits. The SkyPro does not over complicate things, it’s easy to use and does not break the bank. The SkyPro is one of the best golf training aids that will help you improve your swing and lower your scores.





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