Bushnell Excel GPS Rangefinder Watch Review

Bushnell Excel GPS Rangefinder Watch Review

Bushnell has really established itself as a powerhouse brand in the golf distance devices market. Bushnell has gained an impressive reputation for technology, innovation and overall quality on their laser rangefinders and golf GPS watches models. Read on for my full Bushnell Excel GPS review.

  • Bluetooth integration with smartphone
  • Auto brightness adjustment
  • Pedometer and Odometer
  • 3 Round battery life
  • Water Resistant
  • Loaded with over 35,000 courses
  • Up to 4 Hazard Distances Per Hole
  • Auto Course Finder
  • Swing Tempo
  • Weather Notifications
  • Alarm


The Bushnell Excel GPS is their new top of line GPS watches.  First impressions of the Bushnell Excel GPS watch is that looks great. It has a stylish look that can be worn day to day.

The Bushnell Excel works pretty well and finds your course reasonably quick. It comes loaded with 33,000 courses that update automatically when synced with the Bushnell App.  You get extra features such as a pedometer, odometer, swing tempo, etc.  You can link the watch to your smartphone to receive text alerts, calls, and other notifications.

The yardage info is presented really well. The Bushnell Excel GPS automatically picks up what hole you are on. Your key yardage to the middle of the green is displayed on top in a large numbers and the front and back is presented just below in smaller sizes texted.

The Bushnell Excel GPS will pick up your hole automatically and change as you from hole to hole. You can also change hole manually.

One of the main issues with golf GPS watches is getting hazard info. In most cases it takes far too long and is over complicated. This is not the case with the Bushnell Excel. Simply hit the middle button on the watch and BOOM you get your 4 hazards up on the screen. No messing around with buttons and menus.

Bushnell Excel GPS Watch ReviewA nice feature that I really liked was the Swing Pro. You can select the club you are swinging and the watch can pick up the club head speed and tempo of your swing. This info is synced to the smartphone app. However, this seems to be temperamental as data did vary. However with an update this might improve.

The battery is very impressive. Many golf GPS watches out there only last for around 1 or 2 rounds. The Bushnell Excel last for 3 full rounds which is really great. It’s a pain having to constantly charge the watch (if you play a lot of golf).

Is it a much of an upgrade from Bushnell’s last premium watch the Neo iON. Is it worth paying the additional costs? Well, that depends. The technology is much the same but the Bushnell Excel looks better, fits better and looks cooler. So many will be happy to pay the extra amount.

Overall, the Bushnell Excel GPS watch is a fantastic GPS watch with an excellent user friendly operating system and is a very stylish watch. Being able to sync with your smartphone is a nice addition that will allow you to receive texts and notifications through your GPS watch.


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