Best Golf GPS Devices – And Why You Need One!

Best Golf GPS Devices – And Why You Need One!

Distance devices are becoming a standard addition to every golfers bag, regardless of skill level. Distance devices take guessing yardages out of your game, giving you accurate distances, allowing you to make better club decision and focus on your swing. Distance devices come in various means of technology these days. These include laser rangefinders, golf GPS watches, mobile apps and handheld golf GPS devices. I’m going to focus this article on the best golf GPS devices available in the market. Here’s my favorite that made my list.


Sky Caddie Touch

The Sky Caddie Touch sits at the higher end of the best golf GPS devices. It comes with an annual membership of £29.95, this membership is included in the initial purchase of the Sky Touch Caddie GPS.

The SkyCaddie Touch GPS is a beautiful device. The course is presented to you in a beautiful large color screen that is 6 cm wide and 10 cm tall. It fits nicely in your hand.

The Sky Caddie Touch large screen give you all the information you need to make the best club selection. When you start your round, you get a sky view of each hole with distance rings highlighting key distances. Hazard information is not shown in the hole overview and can be a bit of a pain to get. It would be nice if this was displayed clearly in the overview.To get the hazard information you will need to toggle between a few screens.

The Sky Caddie Touch GPS will automatically switch from the hole overview to the green yardage information once within range. What I love about it is that rather than give you distances to the front, center and back of the green, it gives you tho info based on your angle to the green. Some GPS devices overlook this fact switch to the green view when you get there or you can use the Eye again to scroll to it.

The green view uses an intelligent system that calculates the distance to the front, middle and back relative to the angle you are approaching the green.There’s also the option for you to move the flag on the green to get the exact distance. Many courses offer you pin locations on the green, this will be useful when you play courses that have very large greens such as links courses.

The Sky Caddie Touch also has a scoring feature which is nice. You can easily jump to the hole you need. With the large 10cm screen you will be able to quickly select the hole you need. The scoring is very easy to use and done using the one screen. It automatically fills in the details as a par with 2 putts, you then simply change from there whether its increases or decreasing the score and putts. You also click whether or not you hit the fairway. Nice simple but key stats for you to review. You can review your round info using the SkyGolf360 App which is available for both iOS or Android devices.

The Sky Caddie Touch can be stored away in your golf bag, in your pocket or simply clips to your golf bag with the clip that is supplied with it. If you are looking for one of most modern and best golf GPS devices available then you should consider the Sky Caddie Touch.


  • Large color screen
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent scoring features
  • Post round analysis available using mobile app
  • Extremely accurate distances based on your angle to the green
  • Comes with a clip for your bag


  • Hazard information is difficult to get. With such a large screen it should be easily displayed
  • Expensive considering the offering
  • Loading time very slow a modern day device.


Garmin Approach G30

The Garmin Approach G30 is the perfect golf GPS device for any golfer who does not like the big chunky golf GPS devices or golf GPS watches. The Garmin Approach G30 is small and light. It really has the higher quality edge . The outer edge of the device is surrounded by a light layer of rubber to protect against accidental drops. The design is very modern with only 1 single button for power and with the rest of functionality solely on the touchscreen.

The Garmin Approach really has that Garmin quality touch. It’s so quick and easy to use. Simply pop it out of your golf bag and it quickly finds your golf course based on your location within seconds. The Garmin Approach G30 can be updated so you never miss course changes or brand new courses. If it doesn’t pick up your location automatically then you can use the search function.

Like most golf GPS devices you get a hole overview. You are presented with red. white and blue lines that represent key yardages to the hole. You can track your scores, putts per hole and fairways missed.

As for most Garmin devices you can link up this info with the Garmin Connect App for post runs analysis. You can upload this info very easily via Bluetooth.

One major downside of the Garmin Approach G30 is the price. It’s on of the golf GPS devices. It’s truly an excellent piece of technology, but the price will throw off many golfers.


  • Small Compact design
  • High quality
  • Very responsive touchscreen
  • Can be linked to Garmin Connect App
  • Can be updated to match course updates


  • Small size will put off some users
  • Expensive 

Bushnell Neo Ghost

Want a simple golf GPS device? The Bushnell NEO Ghost could be your answer. It is one of the best golf GPS devices currently available. The Bushnell Neo Ghost shows you yardages for the front, middle and back of the greens in a nice simply 1.4″ x 1.4″ screen display. What we really like about the Bushnell Neo Ghost is that it gives you info of up to four hazard distances per hole, such as green side bunkers to the left or right, etc. That’s more than enough in our opinion, you have 4 places per hole where you are NOT to hit the golf ball.



If you are not a fan of touch screens this may be the golf GPS for you. The Bushnell Neo Ghost has 6 buttons to perform all the key functions. It will pick up each hole automatically as you go from hole to hole on the course.





The Bushnell Neo Ghost is one of the best golf GPS devices. A key take away feature that really makes the Bushnell Neo Ghost the ideal simple golf GPS device is the 4 key hazard distances you get right there in front of you, no fussing around with buttons and menus, tapping bunkers on the screen, etc. Straight simple info right in front you.

Without a doubt deserves a spot in my best golf GPS devices list. It’s a great quality entry level device that provides you with everything you need at a very competitive price. One of the best golf GPS devices available keeping the price in mind.


  • Great battery life ( 3 rounds)
  • No Annual Fees
  • Preloaded with over 33,000 courses
  • Clips onto your belt buckle
  • Waterproof
  • Multiple Colours available
  • Competitively priced


  • Basic operating system
  • No Course map overview


Golf Buddy PT4

BEST GOLF GPSThe GolfBuddy PT4 is their flagship model and their best golf GPS device. The Golf Buddy PT4 has one of the biggest screens on the market at 8.5cm x 5 cm. The large screen will appeal to a lot of golfers who play a lot of different courses.

Why so? Well with the large screen shows a very detailed overview of each golf hole in nice color screen. The Golf Buddy brand actually physically map out each golf course on foot to make sure their info is extremely accurate; they literally go the extra yard for their customers.


BEST GOLF GPSThe Touchpoint indicator for layups is done very well. When you are on the hole overview, when you touch the screen you get a target pop up on screen that you can move. What this does is give you the distance to the target and from the target the green, a really nice way of presenting the info. I love how the info is displayed on the Golf Buddy PT4, it’s one of the key reasons it made my golf GPS devices list.

The scoring function allows you the mark 4 players scores and record your data such as fairways missed, greens hit and putts made. etc. If you are a consistent golfer you can set fairways and GIR as default and change from there, hopefully not too much.



  • Large screen for plenty of course information
  • Smartphone stile shape
  • Collect data such as missed green and Greens in Regulation
  • Excellent layup feature
  • Extremely accurate course information as they physically walk the courses to collect data
  • 2 round battery life (Just about)
  • Replacement battery option


  • Very large which will not appeal to some
  • Expensive


Garmin Approach G8

The Garmin Approach G8 is packed with plenty of tech, including high quality detailed hole overviews, scorecards, shot stats and post round overviews via Garmin Connect. The Garmin G8 looks very much like a smartphone, making it comfortable to hold.

It very quick to use, with it’s operating system noticeably faster than most. The touchscreen is responsive and works with a glove. This is great, as some touchscreen models don’t work very well with gloves and it can be quiet annoying, so this was nice touch.

The G8 offers you advice on what club you should play based on your previous stats. This may annoy some people but it gives you a little reminder on your distances. Some will like, some will dislike but we think it’s a cool little feature that makes it stand out more than others.

There is also a ‘PlaysLike’ feature that is based on the slope. You will need to check your club rules or team competitions you play in as the ‘Plays Like’ function might be illegal. Similar to the slope readers in laser rangefinders. Now this might not worry your buddies, but there’s always that ‘ONE GUY’ that might pull you on it. So it might be best to use this feature in practice.

Using the G8 you can be precise with your distances, bring up a more detailed green view and move the flag stick based on the hole location. It’s also great for Par 5’s and layup shots.  The layup is very easy to use. Simply touch the screen on the hole overview and will have a target pop up where you can move around the screen to select the right yardage of where you want to be. You can select your lay up to 100 yards and it will suggest the club you need to get there. A really cool feature we think.

You can also add scores for up to four players. This is nice if you are the type of guy who forgets to mark your cards for 6-7 holes. It’s quick and easy, simply press the button at the bottom right and your score card pops up.

The Garmin G8 comes with a strong durable clip for you bag. But since we are so used to carrying smartphones in our pockets nowadays, you can leave it in your pocket as you go around. The G8 is shaped much like the Samsung older models phones quiet similar to the S4. It works with Wifi also so no need for connecting to your PC or laptop. You can manage everything through the device and the Garmin Connect mobile app. If you are the type of golfers who needs to keep on top of their every day life, it can also sync with your smartphone you can receive your texts and emails (IF You Want).

The Garmin G8 is an excellent device and no doubt one of the best golf GPS devices, if not the best. It really hits home the key features. Garmin’s excellent care to detail on the course overviews and nice color screens. make this an easy purchase. Although it’s one of the more expensive golf GPS devices, it really is one of the best in my opinion and needs to be considered by any golfer.




  • Shaped very like a smarphone
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Excellent quality and feel
  • One of the best hole overviews on the market
  • WiFi & Bluetooth
  • Gives club selection advice


  • Expensive
  • PlaysLike feature illegal in competition


Sky Caddie Aire II

The Sky Caddie Aire II is an entry level golf GPS device that gives you simple information to the front, middle and back of the green based on your angle to the green. Lets just say it right now, this is not a bells and whistles device. The Sky Caddie Aire II is designed to small, simple and responsive. It will automatically pick up the course and hole you are on.

Features on the Sky Caddie Aire II also includes scorecard functionality, odometer and also a calorie counter. SkyCaddie Aire II knows the par of each hole so the score defaults to par so you simply increase or decease, hopefully decrease your score.

For an entry level device SkyCaddie Aire II is one of the best golf GPS devices available. Instead of the measurements being calculated from the middle of the fairway like some of the cheaper entry level golf GPS devices tend to do, the Aire II will give you distances based on your angle to the green.


BEST GOLF GPSFor an entry level GPS, we absolutely love the lay up feature. It includes two layup zones on each hole. A safe spot from the tee set to 220 yards. This is a little unnecessary unless its a dog leg or maybe a short par 4. But you get a nice little feature that tells you how far you are out from a nice 150 yard approach shot to the middle of the green, and if you are tracking your club distances you will also get a club suggestion from the device to that layup spot.


The Sky Caddie Aire II knows exactly who it’s target market is and who they have designed it for. The type of golfer who wants a no fuss golf GPS device that does the simple things right. It’s not designed to have the newest tech, massive color touch screens and hole overviews.

It’s screen and digital dial might look dated, that will not agree with some younger users. However, this is for the no nonsense golfer who will clip it to his/her belt buckle or leave it in their pocket.

The Sky Caddie Aire II is one of the best golf GPS devices out there for the perfect balance between performance, functionality and of price. A great little device that will appeal to many, and one of the best golf GPS on the market for the price. If you want the newest tech and specs this is not for you.



  • Waterproof
  • Light & compact
  • Excellent entry level device
  • Cheap
  • Great simple layup fucntion
  • No fuss device
  • Performs the simple things right.


  • The technology layout can look dated to younger generation golfers
  • If you want more course data, extra costs are involved





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