Laser Rangefinder Vs Golf GPS Watch? Which Is Better For You?

Laser Rangefinder Vs Golf GPS Watch? Which Is Better For You?

Nowadays, there seems to be so many game improvement tools out there that it’s hard to keep up. But the ones I honestly feel make an instant improvement to your game are the rangefinder tools. These can vary from laser rangefinders, golf GPS watches, handheld GPS devices and even mobile apps. Our favorite distance tools are laser rangefinders and golf GPS watches; but which is better? Laser Rangefinder or Golf GPS Watch? Well, First of all lets distinguish between the two.

What is a Golf Laser Rangefinder?

Golf range finders a one of the most popular distance tools available to golfers right now. With a golf range finder there is no need to download mobile apps, course maps or worry about the strength of satellite signals. You simply take out the golf range finder, point towards the flag and BOOM you got your exact distance from your ball to the flag stick. But that’s not all. Have you ever stood on the Tee and you’re worried will you reach that water hazard or bunker? The Golf Rangefinders can also be pointed at flags, bunkers or other points of interest.

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What is a Golf GPS Watch?

GPS watches are a great innovative tool that really have a lot of benefits that cant be ignored. Rangefinders can give you the distance from you to the flag, or a hazard, but golf GPS watches offer that bit more vital information that could make or break your round. The best golf GPS watches on the market can offer you hazard information, overhead maps of the whole allowing to map out out your course management strategy. This is especially useful on courses you have never played before, with lots of dog legs, hazards and difficult holes.

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Which is Better? Laser Rangefinder or Golf GPS Watch?

The interesting thing about both these products is that they are completely different products but share the same purpose, providing golfers with accurate yardages to targets and hazards.


Laser Rangefinder or Golf GPS Watch

Pros and Cons of Golf GPS Watches


  • GPS golf watches are generally quicker use. They give are constantly using your location and will automatically give you the distance to the front, centre and back of the greens. Whats makes it great is that it’s right there on your wrist. Have a quick look, 100 yards to the centre, done!
  •  Golf GPS watches are extremely accurate. Even when compared side by side with the best range finders on the market, they are very closely matched.
  • Does not slow down play. Laser rangefinders take much longer to use. Sometimes rangefinders find it difficult to pickup certain flags, especially with trees or bushed directly behind the flag stick and sometimes need to be checked two or three times to be sure the yardage is correct.
  • Shot tracking and post round analysis. Most golf gps watches come with software that allow you to review your round on your computer or smartphone. You can view your score, shots per hole, distance of each shots, etc. Garmin Golf GPS watches offer this via their software Garmin Connect.
  • You can view the golf hole layout, this is great for your gold course management to spot hidden bunkers or find your way around tough dog leg holes.
  • Many golf gps watches can be used as everyday fitness tracking watches or smart watches that can recieve calls, texts, emails, etc.


  • Getting distances to hazards can be difficult to use on some models and take a lot of time to get the data correct.
  • If you want a simple tool to get distances and distances only, as great as the technology is on some of the gold gps watches, many of these features will be not be used by some golfers so may not want to pay for these features
  • Some golfers mightn’t be comfortable playing golf using a watch
  • Some holes will have discrepancies, although acquire for the most part.

Laser Rangefinder or Golf GPS WatchPros and Cons of Golf Laser Rangefinders


  • Extremely accurate and can see the info yourself rather than relying on GPS info.
  • Laser Rangefinders can quickly get the distances to hazards, trees, etc in the distance. Golf GPS watches can take a lot longer to get this info and will cause slow play within shots.
  • Simple to use. Simply aim at the flag and you have your yardage.
  • Can be stored away in a bag and not worn.


  • Expensive considering the technology. Golf GPS watches offer far more features for the similar prices.
  • Can be difficult to use if you have shaky hands. The laser range finders require steady hands to remain focused on the target.
  • Can be difficult at times topic out the flagstick when there’s trees or bushed in the background.
  • Do not work very well in the rain or foggy conditions.

We hope we have helped your distinguish which is better for you, a Laser Rangefinder or Golf GPS Watch. Both Laser Rangefinders and Golf GPS Watches offer pros and cons but both perform their primary task of providing you with the yardages to your target. Which is better for you?  A Laser Rangefinder or Golf GPS Watch? It’s mostly down to preference.

Here are the main things to consider:

  • How much you want to spend?
  • What features do you want/need?
  • Which is best suited to your game?

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